2020-2021 Toyota Highlander Trailer Hitch

2020-2021 Toyota Highlander Trailer Hitch


2014-2015 Toyota Highlander EcoHitch®

2014-2019 Toyota Highlander EcoHitch

2020-2021 Toyota Highlander Trailer Hitch

This Toyota Highlander tow hitch is fully equipped with a completely hidden design, that means no hunk of metal hanging below your vehicle. Instead only the receiver will be visible. With this hitch, you can finally carry your Highlander bike rack without compromising the aesthetic of your Highlander. Learn more about this trailer hitch for 2020-2021 Highlander below!

Part Number: X7421 (2”)

Available Accessories:
Bike Racks 
Cargo Trays 
Ball Mounts 

As low as $330.99

Applications include:
2020 Toyota Highlander Trailer Hitch
2021 Toyota Highlander Trailer Hitch

2020-2021 Toyota Highlander Tow Hitch Features:

  • Completely concealed design - only receiver is visible
  • 100 percent bolt-on installation - no drilling required
  • Engineered to meet stringent national SAE J684 towing safety standards
  • Rated for 750 pounds tongue weight at the trailer ball, 5,000 pounds towing weight
  • Available in 2-inch receiver
  • Designed to complement the aerodynamic contours and underbody airflow of vehicle
  • Coated with high impact powder coat for durability
  • Material can include a qualified combination of aerospace grade aluminum, stainless steel or steel*
  • Made with 100% recycled and recyclable materials
  • Lightweight
  • Free shipping to lower 48 states
  • Made in U.S.A
  • Lifetime Warranty 

The EcoHitch for the Toyota Highlander is one of the highest rated EcoHitches we manufacture and is strong enough for your multi-bike racks, to your cargo tray to towing. This Hidden-style EcoHitch is rated at 750 pounds tongue weight and 5,000 pounds towing. (Always tow within your vehicle manufacturer’s designated ratings). This means your Toyota Highlander bike rack hitch can haul up to 750 pounds of bike rack and bikes plus cargo. It’s also rated to tow so your trailer hitch is never your limiting factor and you can rely on the fact it is built to be solid. You also never have to use fabric support straps to achieve your EcoHitch ratings.

The EcoHitch for the Toyota Highlander is designed specifically with your vehicle in mind. No need for drilling or modifications, we strive to have all of our trailer hitch installations be completely DIY – meaning you can do this install in the comfort of your own driveway.

This Toyota Highlander tow hitch comes in one receiver size – 2”. This means it will work with the majority of bike racks, cargo trays and ball mounts because it features the most universal design. The receiver is the square opening at the center of the hitch where you insert what you are towing or carrying.

Get out and Go with your Toyota Highlander EcoHitch!

*WARNING* Your vehicle may have a lower tow rating than this trailer hitch. If your vehicle's tow rating is less than the rated towing capacity on your Torklift Central trailer hitch, your trailer hitch capacity is limited to your vehicle's factory rated towing capacity.

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