Dump Trailer Repair near me

Torklift Central can take care of all your dump trailer repair needs. This is one thing you don’t want to wait too long to repair because before you know it, it’s springtime which means it’s also home improvement time – which means you need your dump trailer – right now.

We’ve been taking care of dump trailer repair for decades – heck, we’ve been in the trailer business since 1976. We’ve been serving the Seattle, Tacoma, Bonney Lake, Fife, Milton, Maple Valley and surrounding areas in the Pacific Northwest for all dump trailer repair needs. We are located in Kent, WA so we are closer than you think!

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How much does dump trailer repair cost at Torklift Central

Dump trailer repair cost varies according to how expansive the needed repair is, but repairs can start under $100 depending on the type and scope of the repair. 

What does your dump trailer repair shop offer?

We don’t want to dump too much information on you so check out this partial list below:

  • Dump trailer jack repair and replacement
  • Dump trailer axle replacement
  • Dump trailer replacement parts
  • Dump trailer troubleshooting
  • Hydraulic dump trailer repair
  • Dump trailer replacement tarp
  • Big Tex dump trailer replacement door
  • General dump trailer troubleshooting
  • Dump trailer bed replacement and repair
  • Dump trailer box replacement
  • Dump trailer floor replacement
  • Dump trailer solenoid replacement
  • Dump trailer hydraulic pump troubleshooting
  • Dump trailer cylinder repair
  • Dump trailer wheel bearings re-pack
  • Wiring troubleshooting
  • General hydraulic jack dump repair
  • Leaf springs for dump trailer
  • Dump trailer jack parts
  • Dump trailer tongue box
  • Dump trailer electric jack
  • Dump trailer wheel bearings
  • Dump trailer lights
  • Dump trailer hitch
  • Dump trailer brake controller

How do I know Torklift Central can handle my dump trailer repair?

Well we’ve got a question for you – did you know Torklift Central is home to the College of Trailer Hitch and Towing Knowledge? This means we train dealers all over the Pacific Northwest and throughout the United States on all things trailer related. We even have trailers we built from the ground up at our shop decades ago that are still on the road today! Our technicians and engineering team who are dedicated to all things trailer repair have been with us for more than 20 years. We truly have an understanding of dump trailers; we even sell trailers. We will also back our repairs up with a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty – you can take that to the bank because we’ve been here for 45 years so you know we will be here 45 years from now to continue to take care of your trailer.

Tell me about the freebies you offer for my dump trailer

Our FREE safety inspection referred to as the Free Way Trailer Safety Inspection was created for you to have your dump trailer repairs completed – your way. This service is complimentary when you book or schedule a bearing repack. Simply make an appointment with us and we will conduct your inspection and make any needed recommendations for your review. And nope – we will NOT hold you hostage to pressure you into booking any of the repairs and we will not try to convince you to get rid of your trailer to buy a new one from us. We don’t believe in that sales tactic – call us old fashion. We offer this complimentary service – your way.

What is included in the Free Way Trailer Safety Inspection?

A whole lotta stuff! Our technicians will review your leaf springs, trailer tongue, coupler, wheel bearings, fenders, axles, lights, brakes, trailer jacks, frame and wiring. During this inspection review we will do our best to get into the nitty gritty of your trailer but because this is a complimentary service, components will not be removed for deeper inspection, but don’t worry, we know just what to look for. If you would like to upgrade your inspection to allow us to remove your hubs to see your wheel bearings and brakes in their entirety, we can do that too for $50. If you decide to schedule your wheel bearing repack (which should be done annually) or your brake replacement, the upgrade cost is waived.

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What is the main reason why dump trailers break down on the freeway?

Well it is this one tiny repair that blows up into a monster repair if not taken care of annually. Avoiding annual dump trailer wheel bearing re-pack will eventually have you sitting on the side of the freeway. The cost is high for these ensuing repairs if you forget to have your dump trailer wheel bearing replacement completed. We know how to replace dump trailer bearings and the cost starts at right around $199.99 which is cheap compared to wheel bearing failure. Don’t let this happen to you.

Is my truck equipped to pull my dump trailer?

This is a very commonly asked question. This will depend on a few factors including your truck’s towing capacity and the hitch that your truck is equipped with. Often times you will see that your truck is rated to one capacity, but your hitch is rated to a lower capacity. We offer a variety of hitch brands that will let you tow up to your vehicle’s max tow rating safely.

Do you offer mobile dump trailer repair?

You bet we do! We created our mobile dump trailer repair service just for you. Be sure to schedule in advance, this service tends to book out quickly due to high demand.