Stainless Steel F150 Front Hitch – 2015-2022 Model

Stainless Steel F150 Front Hitch – 2015-2022 Model


2020-2022 Ford F450 and F350 (Dual Rear Wheel) North front hitch

2020-2022 Ford F450 and F350 (Dual Rear Wheel) North front hitch

Stainless Steel F150 Front Hitch – 2015-2022 Model

This Stainless Steel F150 front hitch fits the 2015-2022 model. It is rated at 750 pounds tongue weight, 7,500 pull and 10,000 pounds winch pull. This front receiver hitch for f150 mounts directly under the front bumper to accommodate all front hitch mounted accessories like generator trays and bike racks. This front hitch features our stainless steel trailer hitch receiver - click here to see how this is the only stainless steel front hitch receiver in the world. This is truly a lifetime rust free trailer hitch receiver.

F150 Front Hitch Part Number: x7913s (2")

was $413.99 Special Price $388.99

Applications include:
2015 F150 front hitch
2016 F150 front hitch
2017 F150 front hitch
2018 F150 front hitch
2019 F150 front hitch
2020 F150 front hitch 
2021 F150 front hitch
2022 F150 front hitch

2015-2022 F150 Front Hitch: 

  • Available in 2 inch class 3 front receiver hitch style
  • Does not affect ground clearance and remains discreet unlike other front truck hitch options that feature a large piece of metal that hangs down below the grill
  • Never modify your front hitch receiver again
  • No loss of airflow - this front trailer hitch receiver is uniquely designed to avoid interference
  • No-drill design - this front trailer hitch bolts directly to the frame using pre-existing bolt holes
  • Does not affect ground clearance like other front truck hitch options
  • Front hitch design is crafted only for your vehicle - no excessive protruding
  • Engineered to meet stringent national SAE J684 towing safety standards for front hitches
  • Free ground shipping to the lower 48 states
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Legendary Lifetime Warranty


North Hitch weight capacities

The North Front Hitch for the 2015-2022 F150 can practically do it all. Whether you want to carry a bike rack, use a snowplow or even use a cargo tray to haul extra cargo like a generator. With a rating of 750 pounds tongue (carrying), 7,500 pounds tow (pulling) and 10,000 pounds winch pull, this heavy-duty front hitch can conquer all your obstacles and keep you heading North. And guess what, it will not compromise the look of your vehicle and there is no loss of ground clearance with a crosstube hanging down.


No front hitch modifications needed

With all the different options you’ll have for accessories with this F150 front hitch, you will never have to worry about modifying the accessories to work with another front hitch again. That’s right – now you don’t have to purchase anymore extensions in order to extend out far enough to reach your accessories with this turnkey hitch.

One of the most noteworthy features of this F150 front hitch is you will not have to drill into the front end of your truck. We purposely use preexisting holes to make the installation as DIY as possible.


Stainless Steel trailer hitch receiver

Our rust free trailer hitch receiver design features a stainless steel hitch receiver that will never rust. Your trailer hitch mounted bike racks and accessories will never become fused to your trailer hitch receiver allowing you the versatility required and expected of a trailer hitch.

Why other trailer hitches rust

The critical point of connection between your hitch and your accessories is the receiver opening. That is why it is necessary that your trailer hitch receiver is composed of stainless steel to prevent this. A small insignificant piece of stainless steel on a part of the hitch that is offered by the other guys will not cut it because that is not the location where your hitch mounted bike racks and trays insert to. The theory behind the other designs on the market is it prevents the removable stealth receiver design from fusing with and getting stuck into the vehicle frame mounted part of the trailer hitch - but it does not prevent your receiver from becoming a nasty rusty stain inducing eye sore and it does not prevent your hitch-mounted accessories from fusing together with rust. These type of hitch designs are not only inconvenient, but they eliminate the ability to use your trailer hitch for anything else because your accessory is forever fused into it.

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