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MHRV Seattle RV Show Info

Feb. 6-9, 2020

Located at: CenturyLink Field Event Center

Thursday - Friday: 11am - 8pm

Saturday: 10am-8pm

Sunday: 10am-5pm



*Limited to the first 25 registrants and one per customer. Every step will be taken to ensure registrants will get their requested shirt sizes, but sizes are not guaranteed

FREE hats to the first 100 registrants to attend our seminars!


Now is the ideal time to start getting your gear ready for adventures. Replace or upgrade any parts or accessories and learn about the latest RVing tips before heading out on the road. One of the best places to brush up on RVing 101 is at an RV show – especially the Seattle RV Show! Held at the beginning of each year, it’s the first major RV show in the Seattle area where you can see the latest and greatest information on the newest products and technology available for RVing.


Don't miss our RV show seminars at The College of Trailer Hitch and Towing Knowledge presented by Torklift Central!!


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Towing is a major aspect of RVing and we have all the answers to your questions! Be sure to check out our seminars below where the first 200 seminar registrants will get FREE fudge and goodies for coming, learn about our Seattle RV Show specials, as well as learning how to stay safe and legal while hauling your truck camper, trailers, 5th wheels and more.


Not only that, but after the seminars we have interactive product displays and goodies at Booth E-1. We will also provide additional towing information and answer all the questions you may have about RVing.



Don't Lose Your Load! Truck and Camper Matching

If your choice of RV is a truck camper how will you safely carry it on your truck? Mounting and suspension will be topics of discussion at this seminar. The correct equipment can make owning a truck camper a safe and enjoyable experience for the whole family.

Seminar Room B - 11:00 am Saturday, 3:00 pm Sunday



Don't Lose the Dinghy! Safe Motorhome Towing

Are you a motorhome owner looking to pull a second vehicle? Are you bewildered by the various methods available to you? Then attend this towing seminar where you will learn what equipment you will need to safely tow your dinghy.

Seminar Room B - 3:00 pm Thursday & Friday



Don't Be A Road Hazard with Your Travel Trailer!

Trunnions, L bars, receivers, sway controls...determining what you need to safely tow a travel trailer can be overwhelming! Attend this towing seminar and learn travel trailer “hitch lingo” and the optimal way to tow your travel trailer.

Seminar Room B - 2:00 pm Daily



Science of Choosing Your 5th Wheel Towing Equipment

In the past when it came to fifth wheel hitches you didn’t have a lot of options. Today there are countless manufactures and types of fifth wheel hitches for short bed, long bed and flat bed trucks that adjust in corners, can be easily removed or nearly hidden in the bed of the truck. This towing seminar will explain your choices allowing you to make the right choice to safely pull a fifth wheel with your truck.

Seminar Room B - 3:00 pm Saturday, 11:00 am Sunday