CatGuard™ Catalytic Converter Protection Device

CatGuard™ Catalytic Converter Protection Device


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CatGuard™ -CAT019- 2023 Toyota Prius Hybrid

CatGuard™ -CAT019- 2023 Toyota Prius Hybrid

CatGuard™ Catalytic Converter Protection Device

Catalytic converter protection device

This is an anti-theft product that will lock down your catalytic converter like Fort Knox. No catalytic converters can escape the clutches of the CatGuard™ Catalytic Converter Protection Device - even with the help of thieves. This catalytic converter protection shield is the best way to protect your catalytic converter from theft.

The CatGuard™ completely conceals the catalytic converter to prevent this theft that only takes 2-3 minutes to cut and steal. If you have every wondered how to protect your catalytic converter from getting stolen, this is the answer.

Interesting facts about catalytic converter theft:

As of June 2022, there were more than 32,000 documented times during the month that someone was googling where they could sell a stolen catalytic converter, how much they are worth and which vehicles have the most valuable catalytic converters. Kind of leaves us feeling uneasy.

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As low as $349.99

Why do people steal catalytic converters?

There are rare metals and valuable metals including copper within catalytic converters that yield a high profit for thieves at the scrap yard. This is why catalytic converter theft prevention is critical.

How much is a catalytic converter?

They cost up to nearly $3,000 in parts alone.

How long does it take to steal a catalytic converter?

Minutes. Think your car is low enough to the ground to not become a victim of this high cost theft? Your vehicle would need to be purposefully lowered to the ground because even if that is the case, it is common for thieves to use a car jack, prop up the vehicle, cut it, lower the vehicle and walk away. It’s so fast and it happens in broad daylight in high foot traffic areas. Thieves are bold these days.

What kinds of vehicles have catalytic converters?

Modern vehicles as well as motorized RVs have catalytic converters. To protect yourself from thieves, get a CatGuard™, drive a classic car or drive a fully electric vehicle. Again, thieves are brazen, protect yourself.

Signs of stolen catalytic converter:

Well, your vehicle will be suddenly loud - extremely loud. This is the telltale sign.

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