Stop catalytic converter theft now

At Torklift Central we talk to several customers a day regarding catalytic converter theft prevention and unfortunately it is always after their catalytic converter is stolen.

Why do people steal catalytic converters?

It’s easy money for desperate people. The precious metals inside the catalytic converter yield a high scrap value that thieves use typically to fund drug use and perpetuate further crime in our communities. And it’s quick to do. This is happening in broad daylight while customers are parked in the parking lots of their employers. It is so easy to slide under your vehicle and cut it and run off.

Will the new laws in Washington state help stop catalytic converter theft?

Yeah right. There is a law being considered right now and by the time this is read by you, it might even have been adopted as a law. The law requires thieves to show they own the vehicle the catalytic converter came from. That is pretty hard to prove and pretty hard for scrap businesses to police. So with that said - heroine is illegal but people still buy it. Stealing cars is illegal but people still do it. It’s illegal for a felon to buy a gun, yet they still get them. We don’t have faith the law will protect your catalytic converter. At best it is a deterrent.

Take this into your own hands

We design catalytic converter shields and locks custom for any vehicle to keep you protected. Our kits start at $200 but vary depending on application and installation time. At this time, this is not a product that is boxed on our shelf because they are built custom for your vehicle.

The cost of catalytic converter replacement

It varies depending on the vehicle but the range is pretty big. To replace and repair cutting damage it can run anywhere from $950-$2,500 and some catalytic converters parts cost more than $2,000 alone without labor. That is a lot of money but that is not all. There is the time spent dealing with the hassle, the time without your vehicle being available to you, the cost of a rental car if you don’t have a back up vehicle and then the emotional drain of dealing with it all.

Schedule your appointment today

To request a quote and an appointment time call us at (253) 854-1832 to speak directly to a service writer. During the call they will discuss your application and possibly request photos of the underbelly of your vehicle due to the varying vehicle applications. In some instances the vehicle needs to be seen in person.