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Become A Partner Today!

Ready to become a dealer or a distributor for the Torklift Central EcoHitch line or the Torklift International line? It’s easy, just follow the prompts and submit an application. Not sure if you should sign up to be a dealer or distributor? Read below:

Distributor: A minimum opening order is required to qualify as a distributor. Distributors have multiple warehouses throughout the United States and/or Canada and they service dealer accounts.

Dealer: Dealers resell this product to retail customers and often times install it as well.

Benefits of becoming a partner:

  • Access to a product line with a built-in customer base
  • Access to free showroom displays
  • Pre-schedule video-based tech support/installation appointments on your timeline
  • Fast delivery
  • Free customer referrals with access to pre-existing national and international customer bases
  • Eligibility to order discounted parts for demo vehicles
  • Access to in-person and webinar training

Becoming a partner begins with providing contact information, signing a confidentiality agreement, acceptance of terms and conditions and acknowledgment of our Resale Pricing Policy. The entire process is completed online. Click below to get started!

Become a Torklift International Dealer (United States)
Become a Torklift International Distributor (United States)
Become a Torklift International Dealer (Canada)
Become a Torklift International Distributor (Canada)
Become an EcoHitch Dealer (United States)
Become an EcoHitch Distributor (United States)
Become an EcoHitch Dealer (Canada)
Become an EcoHitch Distributor (Canada)