Become an EcoHitch Partner Today!

Ready to become a dealer or a distributor for the Torklift Central EcoHitch line? It’s easy, just follow the prompts and submit an application. Not sure if you should sign up to be a dealer or distributor? Read below:

Distributor: A minimum opening order of $200,000 is required in order to qualify as a distributor. Distributors have multiple warehouses all over the United States and Canada and they service dealer accounts. A minimum opening order for pre-existing Torklift International distributors is not required.

Dealer: There is no minimum opening order. Dealers resell this product to retail customers and often times install it as well.

Benefits of becoming a partner:

  • Access to a product line with a built-in customer base
  • Access to free showroom displays
  • Pre-schedule video-based tech support/installation appointments on your timeline
  • Fast delivery
  • Free customer referrals


Become an EcoHitch Partner