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More Exposure Equals More Money

Installers and authorized retailers - by joining this program you can earn free referrals straight from our website or via our international toll free line. This is business, traffic and recommendation all rolled into one. You'll never need to reassure your client that you know what you are doing; we'll keep their mind at ease. Just do your work, do it well and we'll keep sending more and more of our EcoHitch customers your way.

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Associate Your Shop with an American-Made Winner.

Chances are you've heard of EcoHitch but even if you haven't, you can be certain that the EcoHitch buying community is growing at a blistering rate. The EcoHitch is made with cutting edge aircraft grade aluminum, stainless steel and steel. There is 100% no drilling or modification to the vehicle. Manufactured in Kent, WA by Torklift Central engineers, we guarantee top-notch quality on every EcoHitch leaving our factory. There are many people adopting our hitch for their electric, hybrid and PZE vehicles. Since these are some of the top vehicles in their brands, with discerning customers to match, you know that your quality service will earn you more and more referral work over time.

Make Your Move to Get on Our Map

If you are an installation shop, if you are ready for more customer referrals and if you love helping customers with their Eco-vehicles, we're looking for you. We'd like to start gathering your information. Ideal candidates will be shops and centers that take their business and their customers seriously, just like Torklift Central. Are you ready to start on the path to becoming a Certified EcoHitch Installer or Authorized Retailer? Contact us here. If you are looking for more info on our unique hitch solution, please visit our main EcoHitch page.

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