Maintenance instructions for your Torklift Central products

Protecting your product finish: All of our steel powder coated products are sandblasted for maximum adhesion of our high quality industrial urethane based powder coat. Due to the extreme and harsh undercar environment that your products live in (consistently sprayed with corrosive road chemicals such as salt and road debris), Torklift Central does not warranty the power coated finish, as this is common among manufacturers.

To keep your Torklift Central products in pristine condition, follow these guidelines

If you want to add additional protection to your powder coat, or if you are located in one of the rust belt states, you may want to consider spraying your metal products with a heavy duty metal protector, such as Amsoil Heavy-Duty Metal Protector (https://www.amsoil.com). If there are areas or indicators of surface rust after prolonged use or installation, there is also also aerosol spray rust converters available that can be used as a preparation to touch-up paint application. These finish maintenance products are available at any automotive parts supplier. Please follow the application and surface preparation instructions listed on the instructions of the product you choose. Torklift Central also recommends Krylon brand Rust Tough enamel paint code RTA9202 gloss black for the best possible finish match.