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Eaz-Lift Weight Distribution System

The Eaz-Lift weight distribution hitch is designed with fewer parts to make hook up and disconnect easier and less of a hassle. Each weight distribution system includes hook up brackets, spring bars, chains, ball mount, shank and hitch pin.

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Over five decades ago, Eaz-Lift became the first patented weight distributing system in North America. With a broad selection of hitches that range from 600-1,400 pounds tongue weight and 14,000 pounds gross weight rating, you know you’re in good hands with Eaz-Lift. Most people who have towed a trailer have experienced a few moments of heart-pounding when their trailers start to sway and with the Eaz-Lift weight distribution you won’t have to worry about your trailer diving to the ground with too much tongue weight or swaying uncontrollably from too little tongue weight.


Eaz-Lift Weight Distribution Features:

  • Up to 1,400 pound maximum tongue weight
  • Up to 14,000 pound maximum gross weight rating
  • Includes bolt together adjustable shank

*Do not overload any part of your towing system. Consult the vehicle manual for towing recommendations and limitations

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