Gas tank protection kits

At the time this web page was written - we are living in a world where gas prices have never been higher. A glimpse at the news and you will read about gas thieves drilling directly into gas tanks to steal gas. Wow – dangerous for everyone.

Why are thieves drilling into gas tanks?

Gas is expensive. Newer vehicles feature rollover valves to prevent gas from being siphoned out. This seems like a good idea - until a bad guys walks by with a drill. A simple drill into your gas tank allows the fuel to drain out while the thief collects it and you are left with a vehicle in need of big repairs. This is happening all over the United States.

We’ve got a solution for gas tank fuel theft

Our anti-theft fuel protection kit will keep your fuel tank as secure as your bank - after all this is where you are investing all your money nowadays so you might as well keep it safe. It also prevents you from dealing with the hassle of vehicle repairs and being without your vehicle for extended periods of time.


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How to tell if your gas tank has been tampered with:

1.) You will notice the odor of gas or diesel near your car

2.) Underneath your vehicle you will have a very visible fuel puddle

3.) Fuel gauge is suddenly lower

4.) Ignition will not start

How to protect your gas tank

1. Park in a private garage when possible

2. If a garage is not available, park in a well lit area that has a lot of foot traffic

3. If you park in a driveway, park as close to your house as you can, in a well-lit area.

4. Always keep your vehicle alarm armed

5. When parking on the street, face your fuel door out toward the street