LubeMaster Silicone Spray

Do you feel like your tow bars are getting stiff and hard to operate? If so, look no further than the LubeMaster Silicone RV Lube which is formulated especially for RV use.

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Considered the ideal lubricant for tow bars, LubeMaster silicone spray and cleaner is 100% silicone that is odorless and safe. Its special dry formula also makes it so your tow bar cleaner doesn’t attract dirt or road grime that can cause further binding. Not only is this cleaner spray perfect for tow bars, but it can also help make awning arms, window tracks, folding steps and many other applications easier to use and also prevent future binding. To make your next adventure even easier and fun, make sure to bring a can of this silicone cleaner with you or spray down your tow bar and other parts before leaving to make everything as easy to use as possible.


Features of the LubeMaster Silicone Spray include:
• Dry silicone formula – doesn’t attract dirt or road grime that can cause binding
• Works for tow bars, awning arms, window tracks, folding steps and much more
• Meets Violate Organic Compound (VOC) standards

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