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Motorcycle Carriers

Motorcycle Carriers

Have you been looking for an RV motorcycle lift? We have the best option for hauling your motorcycle that won't impede the towing ability of your truck or RV. Look no further than the Hydralift motorcycle carrier for RVs which is a motorcycle carrier designed to be able to tow a vehicle or trailer behind your RV at the same time. With a patented design, the Hydralift uses a one piece welded body that is strong enough to haul a motorcycle behind your RV.

The Hydralift RV motorcycle carrier is powered by the battery on your RV and uses smooth operation hydraulics. This hydraulic lift system does not use cables, pulleys or winches. The motorcycle lift for motorhomes drops almost flush with the ground, allowing you to roll your motorcycle on or off the holder at ground level. With the Hydralift motorcycle lift, you don’t have to use ramps or inclines to store and transport your motorcycle!

Other features of the Hydralift include:

  • Only power lift that is truly ground level loading
  • Easy to use, one-person operation
  • Automatic locking system keeps motorcycle safe and sound
  • High ground clearance – no dragging in and out of driveways
  • Self-contained hydraulic motorcycle lift, no pulleys or winches

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Get Out & Go: Hydralift
Get Out & Go: Hydralift
Get Out & Go: Hydralift