Tow Bar Installation

Tow Bar Installation

Tow bar installation is a breeze at Torklift Central because we have been doing this for nearly 45 years. Not only will we show you how to use a tow bar – we will also do this while you record the demonstration on your cell phone so when it comes time for you to hook up your tow bar, you have an easy guide to refer back to. We will also show you what not to do and answer any and all questions. This demonstration takes 30-60 minutes and you won’t want to miss it if you have never used a tow bar before. This is also a service we offer you that the other guys won’t due to the time investment. Located 20 miles north of Tacoma, we are right in your backyard.

Why should I have my RV tow bar installation taken care of at Torklift Central?

When you want to tow a car with a tow bar, you need to make sure that you are working with an expert. A tow bar hitch involves several areas of specialty that can lead to major safety hazards if done poorly. These areas of specialty include proper installation and hook up of the tow bar and safety cables. There is also a special braking system that must be properly wired and adjusted specific to your vehicle set up to ensure that when you are braking – your towed vehicle is also applying brakes. Torklift Central is also the College of Trailer Hitch and Towing Knowledge. This means we train local dealers as well as dealers across North America on how to use tow bars and how to install tow bars. Take your vehicle to the source where we have engineers on staff ready to help. Added bonus? Did you know that Torklift Central is the only licensed hitch manufacturer that also installs hitches in the entire United States? Let us help you. We have techs on our staff who have been with us more than 20 years. You will not get an inexperienced person off the street who is unboxing your tow bar and reading the instructions for the first time. This is our bread and butter and what we are known for. Our techs are not behind the scenes on the phone with tow bar manufacturer tech support trying to figure out how to install your tow bar. That is something you could have done yourself. Did you know that we also custom fabricate tow bar base plates? The base plate is the connection point between the towed vehicle and the tow bar. We custom fabricate these because sometimes there isn’t a tow bar base plate fitment for your vehicle. You won’t find that service anywhere else. We’ve been doing that for years to help as many people as we can go camping.

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How much does it cost for a tow bar installation?

At Torklift Central a tow bar installation which includes the brackets and tow bar starts at $1,500 for the Roadmaster brand. The cost depends on the brand and style. There are several other things to consider with a tow bar installation such as a braking system installation, wiring, lights and flat tow conversion kits for vehicles when necessary. You also get Torklift Central’s Lifetime Workmanship Warranty.

What won’t happen with your tow bar installation at Torklift Central:

We won’t get part way through your tow bar install only to tell you that it was too complicated for our skill set and advise you to now take the partially completed job somewhere else for completion. We won’t look at your set up and tell you it is impossible to hook up with a tow bar unless it really is. We are the experts who can make that decision, but odds are we will be able to find a way to custom fabricate a base plate connection to your tow bar that doesn’t exist. If we can’t do it – no one can. What you get from us will be turn-key, completed and on time. It will also be installed by professionals who have been with Torklift Central for more than 20 years. We specialize in everything from easy peasy to the odd job and what others will say is impossible.

What about the other guys who can do a tow bar install for cheaper?

Torklift Central negotiates manufacturer pricing to pass you the best deals possible and we also work efficiently to reduce the labor hours needed to complete a tow bar installation. We have it down to a science. There are other guys who can do it for cheaper, but you should always proceed with caution and ask yourself why such an in-depth job is so cheap especially when you need to make sure it is done right for your safety and the safety of other motorists. The other guys specialize in “hitch in a box.” This means they specialize in the easy DIY stuff that most anyone can do but that is not why you are paying someone else to do it. Tow bar installs are rarely simple. You do not want to have someone who has never installed a tow bar, let alone – on your specific vehicle application - take care of you. Many places will offer to do this install but we can assure you that they are likely opening a product they have never seen and are often on the phone with tow bar manufacturer tech support to figure out how to install it. And guess what – if there is anything special or unusual about your vehicle, they will not know what to do. Tow bar installations are our bread and butter. We specialize in this and we have unfortunately corrected and repaired faulty tow bar jobs installed by the other guys. We are not interested in selling you an RV and slapping a haphazard tow bar on your car just to get you off our lot. We have no incentive to do this because we do not sell RVs. In fact, many area dealers contract with us to handle their tow bar installations due to the level of expertise needed for this type of work – especially on the wiring and braking systems. Never compromise the safety of yourself or others.

What if my vehicle is not set up for flat towing behind an RV?

If the towed vehicle is not prepared for flat tow, we have conversion kits available. Some vehicles come from the factory as a flat tow vehicle while others need conversions to make them flat towable. We’ve been doing this since 1976 and there isn’t a setup we haven’t seen; we are ready for any tow bar obstacle you may be facing. There are very few vehicles on the market that cannot be converted but if they can be converted – we are the team for the job.

What tow bar brands does Torklift Central offer?

We primarily recommend and stock the Roadmaster tow bar line, but we do offer other brands including Blue Ox tow bars, Demco tow bars, Curt tow bars and Reese tow bars which are available upon request. We are happy to install any type of tow bar you are interested in and have experience installing all of them.