GlowGuide Lock - S9600

GlowGuide Lock - S9600



SMARTSTEP® GlowStep Step System SafeStep Mats - A7602

GlowGuide Lock - S9600

When used as a handrail the GlowGuide system is designed to dramatically enhance the safety of your RV step entry/exit system. But while you’re safe getting in and out of your RV with the GlowGuide, what’s protecting your handrail from being taken?

Look no further than the GlowGuide Lock – the best way to secure your GlowGuide while camping to prevent potential theft or tampering.  

Part Number: S9600 (GlowGuide Lock)
To also purchase a lock for your GlowStep RV steps, visit here.


The GlowGuide Lock is critical in securing the safety of your investment. They have replaceable weather caps over the key holes to prevent weather damage and road grime.

Easy to use, the removable stair railing lock is the perfect addition to your RV. Simply remove your GlowGuide from storage, install it onto your RV steps, then insert the lock on the upper door mount GlowGuide arm and you’re done! Now your handrail is safe from tampering. This RV handrail lock also has a Legendary Lifetime Warranty and is proudly made in the USA.

GlowGuide Lock Features:

  • Keyed alike locks are matched to your GlowGuide and GlowStep, Stow N’ Go or GLOWSTEP REVOLUTION®
  • Made of steel with automotive quality plating
  • GlowGuide handrail sold separately
  • Legendary Lifetime Warranty
  • Proudly made in the USA

Kit Includes:

  • One GlowGuide handrail Lock
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