Truck Campers

Truck Campers

Torklift - Holding it down for over 45 years

The Truck Bed Camper

There’s no better way to explore America than by partaking in one of its oldest past times, arguably the most adventurous and fun- CAMPING! You’ll be hard pressed to find a more enjoyable, more versatile or more comfortable way to do so without compromising maneuverability and fuel efficiency than the truck camper. Truck bed campers are easily loaded into the bed of your rig and with the right set of tie downs and turnbuckles, you can be on your way to whatever adventure your heart desires.

Torklift truck camper tie downs and turnbuckles were developed right here in Kent and are sold all over the world.

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The best way to tie down a truck camper

Undoubtedly, Torklift’s wide array of tie downs and turnbuckles offer ease of use, easy installation, and peace of mind with our lifetime warranty paired with a lifetime workmanship warranty. The only thing you have to lose is precious time wasted looking anywhere else.

Truck camper tie downs

When considering which tie downs are best for you, Torklift has several truck camper tie down options. Aside from having fitment for several hundred makes and models in our steel version, we also offer a non corrosive stainless steel option. Our stainless steel tie downs come with aircraft grade aluminum inserts making it the most viable option when traveling through caustic environments. Nearly all are no drill applications, easily installed and mount directly to the frame for added security. Whether it’s the salted streets leading to the snow caps of Mt. Rainier or the unbeaten paths taking you to the sandy beaches of the Gulf, Torklift’s stainless steel option is an available upgrade for whenever you’re ready to take the road less traveled.

Truck Camper Turnbuckles

Once you’ve chosen the appropriate set of tie downs, you are ready to explore truck camper turnbuckles. With a selection that includes the Original FastGun, SpringLoad XL and the Basic SpringLoad for all of our frame mounted tie down systems you can rest assured your camper will be securely attached to your truck for the duration of your adventure. As the name suggests, all of our turnbuckles are indeed spring-loaded. The Original FastGun is not only spring loaded which prolongs the life of your campers anchor points, but it also features a quick disconnect handle.

       What does this mean?
       This means that your FastGun turnbuckle is exactly that: “fast” and simple to use. 

The SpringLoad XL is another safe bet. Made from aircraft grade aluminum, stainless steel with internal springs and spring tension indicators – it is another great option. Because of their square bodies, these turnbuckles can be adjusted with a snap. Like all Torklift products, included is our Legendary Lifetime warranty. 

The Basic SpringLoad, the turnbuckle that ultimately lead to the Original Fastgun is also another great option if you are not ready for FastGuns or SpringLoad XL turnbuckles. This turnbuckle bolts easily to the anchor points of each tie down providing the required suspension to protect the anchor points of the camper. Each Basic SpringLoad comes with a quick link, the heavy duty forged turnbuckle and 24” of marine grade chain. If you’re interested in this option but like the quick disconnect feature of the Original Fastgun, your Basic Springload and the SpringLoad XL can be upgraded with Torklift’s Derringer handle giving it the quick release ability.

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