Trailer Axle Services

Trailer Axle Services

Proper Axle alignment is key to proper tire wear and load distribution on a trailer. A badly aligned axle will cause excessive vibration, tire wear and will result in a damaged suspension and tire blowout.

We offer alignment services for all types of trailer axles including laser-guided, track and custom solutions.

Even a fraction of an inch of misalignment in your trailer axle can compromise your wallet as well as your safety.  If not corrected, axle misalignment will cause: 

  • Unnatural and premature tire wear that can result in a blowout 
  • Suspension damage and failure
  • Wandering, jerking and tension that transfers to your tow vehicle compromising ride stability and causing damage to your vehicle’s trailer hitch and frame

When axles are properly aligned:

  • Tires run cooler
  • Gas mileage improves
  • Blowouts are greatly reduced
  • Uneven tread wear is prevented
  • Your safety is increased

Torklift Central’s laser and track-guided trailer axle alignment corrects and prevents all of these issues. 

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