Trailer Suspension Services

Trailer Suspension Services

Torklift Central offers several services to keep your system running smoothly and safely. Some of our most recommended services include bearing replacement, brake service, axle alignment, axle and suspension repair or replacement, and custom brackets or fabrication.

When it comes to your safety and the longevity of your trailer, Torklift Central prides itself in running the gamut of services and upgrades for your axles and suspension.

Safety Inspections

The most important service a hitch and tow facility like us performs for your utility trailer or any other type of trailer is a safety inspection service. Did you know we offer a free safety inspection at our Hitch & Tow shop in Kent, WA? Even if you can't make it down to Kent, we have a blog here that includes a handy checklist you can take with you to your local shop to make sure they're covering all your bases.

Bearing Repacking

Bearing failure is the most common reason your utility trailer or any other trailer will break down. If you notice trailer wheel noise coming from your trailer there’s a good chance that it is coming from wheel bearing noise.  

A simple bearing repack service is the number one way you can ensure your trailer wheel bearings keep you on the road for years to come.  

Suspension Inspection

Even a fraction of an inch of misalignment in your trailer axle can compromise your wallet as well as your safety.  If not corrected, axle misalignment will cause: 

  • Unnatural and premature tire wear that can result in a blowout 
  • Suspension damage and failure
  • Wandering, jerking and tension that transfers to your tow vehicle compromising ride stability and causing damage to your vehicle’s trailer hitch and frame

 Trailer Brake Service and Inspections 

If your trailer is making strange noises, has hydraulic brakes that are leaking fluid or feels like it's pushing your vehicle as you come to a stop, it's time for an inspection and potentially repairs! 

Trailer brake repair and trailer brake troubleshooting are a lifesaver. Without properly functioning trailer brakes, the odds of being involved in a rear-end collision skyrocket, increasing the change of jackknifing and potential rollover. The responsibility is yours to ensure you give yourself adequate stopping distance to avoid an accident in an emergency braking situation.  

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