Trailer Wheel Bearing Services

Trailer Wheel Bearing Services

Bearing failure is the number one cause of trailer breakdown, yet one of the easiest and most affordable to prevent. If you notice trailer wheel noise coming from your trailer there’s a good chance that it is coming from wheel bearing noise.

A simple bearing repack service is the number one way you can ensure your trailer wheel bearings keep you on the road for years to come.

Your trailer’s wheel bearings serve a simple purpose: To allow the wheels to roll safely without generating too much friction. To do their job, the wheel bearings need plenty of fresh grease (synthetic is recommended) to make sure their inner components avoid excessive heat generation that lead to breakdowns.

Are you hearing groaning, whining, grating or any other unnatural sound as you drive down the road? This is a telltale warning sign of impending bearing failure! You may feel a slight wobble coming from the trailer, or it may pull to one side causing trailer sway and uneven stress and wear on the tires.

If these issues go unaddressed for too long the wheel bearings can become so hot from the excessive friction that the bearings can actually weld themselves to the spindle. This can cause the wheel to seize up and drag, or come off completely.

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