Trailer Wheel Bearing Services

Trailer Wheel Bearing Services

At Torklift Central, we ensure your trailer wheel bearings are well taken care of with our trailer wheel bearing services, helping customers in Kent, Seattle, Renton, Tacoma, Auburn and the surrounding cities since 1976. Trailer wheel bearing failure is the most common reason your utility trailer or any other trailer will break down. If you notice trailer wheel noise coming from your trailer, there’s a good chance that it is coming from wheel bearing noise.  

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Unsure if your bearings are damaged? Some signs to look for including:

  • “Grinding” - It’s common for the affected wheel bearing to make a roaring sound as you drive, and it’s entirely possible that it becomes more noticeable as the weight in your trailer shifts like on a turn. In some cases, noise can only be heard in specific conditions
  • Wheel movement - if you grab your tire by the sides and attempt to rock it back and forth, there should be a slight movement for proper bearing tension adjustment. Movement should be 1/8" or less. If the tire moves excessively, it could mean your bearing is in need of replacement
  • Progressive damage - If one component begins to fail, in this case the wheel bearing, the other components begin to fail as well in a sort of domino effect. It begins to conduct heat, causing damage to other trailer components 
  • Ultimate damage - Neglecting a damaged wheel bearing and allowing it to fail will cause the wheel to completely seize up. If you’re driving down the road, this could be catastrophic. Wheel bearings are not a component you take chances with. Wheel bearing replacement is far less costly than trailer axle replacement


A simple bearing repack service is the number one way you can ensure your trailer wheel bearings keep you on the road for years to come.

Free Safety Inspection

To help maintain your trailer suspension, brakes, bearings and more – we offer a FREE10-point safety inspection with scheduled service to make sure that you are towing safely on the road with your cargo. This service is complimentary when you book or schedule your bearing repack.

  • Breakaway system: In case of disconnect or accident, this is crucial to stop the trailer
  • Bearing tension: Verify that the bearing isn’t too loose or too tight
  • Tire and air pressure: Under or over inflated tires can cause further issues
  • Suspension: Vibrations from the road can cause things to become loose and wear prematurely. Inspection is critical
  • Lights: With proper working lights, your safety and the safety of others are protected
  • Retorque ball mount: Inspect for potential damage and ensuring ball is tight for towing
  • Grease fittings: Keep parts lubricated to ensure longevity and lifespan of your parts
  • Ball coupler/kingpin: Prevent potential trailer disconnect from worn or damaged parts
  • Safety chains: Inspect for proper length when towing as well as for wear and tear
  • Chassis and frame: Inspect trailer for fracture points, cracks, tears, or rust in the frame