Torklift Central – Snow Plow Installation

“Who Installs Snow Plows Near Me??”         

          After dealing with the weather once, it’s probably time to further upgrade your rig with a Meyer snow plow. Torklift Central can ensure the next time your driveway needs a snow plowing, you can have the smoothest driveway in your neighborhood. Or if you’re feeling generous since neighborhoods are usually plowed last in Winter, you can be the hero and help everyone out. Between our shop in Kent, Washington having front and rear hitches for your trucks, multiple install bays, snow plows for sale, as well as the means for custom fabrication; we are more than prepared to deck out your truck with winter equipment.

Where can I get a Truck Snow Plow??

            While there are many brands out there, we recommend checking out the Meyer Snow Plows. With various fitments for different size trucks, as well as different cuts, shapes, sizes, and lighting options, they are a great source of home plows. If you already have another brand or a particular one in mind, as long as it has a 2” receiver on, it’ll pair up with our hitches just fine. One big benefit of a Meyers snow plow is they easily attach and detach within minutes all while it has stable wheels to roll in and out of your hitch receiver. This way you can store it in your garage by your truck, and then simply roll it in place.

Final Thoughts

            Better safe than sorry when it comes to winter, road safety is crucial to avoiding any hardships that may occur. Many people have experienced the issues it takes to get to some sort of main road where the major plows and salt trucks are able to reach. More often than not, just clearing your driveway or neighborhood is the hardest part, but now, all with your snow plow truck. Washington has enough hills in its terrain, the last thing we need is snow or worse; black ice.

            Don’t forget Torklift Cental also sells and installs salt spreaders which are mounted onto the rear of trucks and used to salt the roads in order to melt the ice.

            Call us at 253-854-1832 for more info or to schedule an appointment.