SMI Manufacturing Stay-In-Play DUO

The Stay-IN-Play DUO is truly an improvement in towed vehicle brake systems. Simple to control, easier to use, and the smallest actuator in the industry.

DUO's small operating unit is installed under the hood so you never know it is there. No messy components scattered in the towed vehicle to complicate things; just a small operating module to control the towed vehicle brakes with no physical connection to the motorhome.


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Stay-In-Play Duo braking system

The DUO's motto is "Just Turn it on...and Tow," a simple technology first introduced in 2003. Paving the way of user-friendly towing, DUO does not have to be removed from the towed vehicle for normal operation. Unhook and drive away with no box, no wires and no physical connection to the motorhome from the braking system.

Features of the Stay-In-Play DUO Include: 

  • Hidden installation under the hood of the tow car.
  • Patent-pending air cylinder applies your towed vehicle’s power-assisted brakes AND automatically applies proportionate and progressive brake effort
  • Coach notification of brakes applied with every unit
  • The Stay-IN-Play DUO creates vacuum to provide totally reliable and consistent brake application
  • Completely automatic brake activation in the towed vehicle based on the coach's braking and deceleration preventing unwanted or unnecessary brake activations on grades or over bumps
  • "Zero" set up for towing - the Stay-IN-Play DUO is always ready to tow
  • Simple installation mounts the small operating unit under the hood of the towed vehicle so you never know it is even installed
  • On/off operation means you are tow ready in less time
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