Superchips Mileage XS Fuel Economy Tuner

If you are looking for the secret to staying on the job or on the road during your next trip you've come to the right place. Superchips' reputation is built on delivering impressive performance street, track and trails. The Mileage XS fuel economy tuner saves diesel truck and SUV owners real money providing up to 20% in fuel economy gains.


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Squeezing every last bit of energy out of a gallon of diesel for improved mileage is just as much a science as making big horsepower gains. By tuning your vehicle's injection, ignition and transmission shift characteristics the Mileage XS delivers savings you can put in the bank instead of the tank.

The Mileage XS also lets you read and clear trouble cods, recalibrate the speedometer for tire size or gear ratio changes. Free updates are availabe using the internet update software. There is even an upgrade program that allows you to trade up from your fuel economy tuner to a more aggressive performance tuner such as VIVID, Flashpaq or Cortex.

MILEAGE XS PART NUMBERS: Ford Diesel - 1851, GM Diesel - 2851, Dodge RAM Diesel - 3851

NOTE: All Superchips tuning products for gasoline-fuled vehicles are either covered under CARB Executive Order number or are in a pending state. All non-racing Superchips tuning products for diesel-fueled vehicles are on the CARB products in progress list pending CARB testing and approval. Not all features are available for every make, model and engine. Ask your local MVP Dealer or contact Superchips Tech Support if you have any questions.

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