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Tekonsha Wiring Harness: Tesla and BMW i3 - 119251

Adding additional trailer wiring allows you to outfit your vehicle with a standard connector for plugging in your trailer wiring for towing. The Tekonsha ModuLite ensures that you are towing safely with your Tesla Model S, Model 3, Roadster and BMW i3.


Part number: 119251
Applications include:
2010-2011 Tesla Roadster
2012-2018 Tesla Model S
2018 Tesla Model 3
2014-2018 BMW i3


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When it comes to adventure, your memories don’t start when you get to your destination, they start when you begin your journey. With this modulite, everything is provided that you need to connect your vehicle's electrical system to a trailer for towing to safely get you to your next destination. Rather than cutting and splicing into the wire, the Tekonsha ModuLite has a clamp that goes around the wire to sense which functions you are using including turn signals, taillights and stop lights. 


This Tesla trailer wiring modulite works with the factory wiring and isolates the trailer light operations from the tow vehicle’s operations. That means that if something were to happen electrically, the systems are separate, so it won’t affect or damage the other system.


Features of the 119251 Tekonsha ModuLite Include:

  • NO cutting or splicing the vehicle wiring
  • Isolates trailer light operation from tow vehicle's electrical system so if something were to happpen, then won't affect each other
  • Works with 2 or 3-wire systems
  • Rated for up to 4.2 amps for turn/stop, and 7.5 amps for taillight trailer circuits – plenty for towing with your Tesla
  • Integrated overload protection
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