License Plate Bracket


We now offer The Law, removable license plate bracket, for many vehicles and new fitments are coming in regularly. Don’t reduce the resale value of the car by having to drill into the bumper to stay legal on the road. All Law brackets are no drill and are 100% bolt on applications. The Law front license plate bracket is manufactured using SolidWorks computer designs, and precision state-of-the-art laser waterjet and laser aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel. Drilling into the front bumper of your brand new vehicle is not something that very many people want to do. There are 30 states that require a front license plate to be displayed on your vehicle (map shown below). Instead of taking a risk of getting pulled over every time you drive, we have a great way of helping you avoid up to $200 in fines in states where license plates are required to be displayed on the front of your vehicle.

Keep it legal. Keep it classy. Keep The Law on your side.

  • Auto Pilot Compatible (Tesla models)
  • No Drilling. Eliminate permanent holes in your front bumper, 100% bolt on application and no modification to the vehicle required 
  • Easy to Install. Installs in minutes 
  • No rust, no corrosion and show quality. Hand crafted out of aircraft grade aluminum and comes with stainless steel hardware. High impact powder coat makes it durable for any weather condition 
  • Lifetime Warranty

Select Your Law (License Plate Bracket).

Don’t take our word for it! Read some customer reviews below: 

“Took less than 5 minutes to install. Used a dab of blue Loctite thread locker to ensure I don't need to overtighten screws and risk cracking the plastic honeycomb mesh. Best option in mounting a front plate on Model S.” –Steve O. 

“I looked at a bunch of options for installing the required front plate on my Model S without having to drill any holes <shudder> or worry about the reliability of magnets. This is, by far, the best option I found. It's quite ingenious.” –Janet M.

“I'm very glad that someone clued me in on this drill-free mounting option. It only took me about 15 minutes to install, and that was doing it in the dark -- I probably could have done it in 10 in the daytime. I can confirm that the existing Autopilot features work just fine with the bracket and plate installed. I'm still hoping for my state to allow a rear-plate-only option soon; but until that happens, I'm very happy with this.” –Mark P.


Do I need a front license plate?

Take a look at the map below. If you live in a state that is colored green, a front license plate is necessary for your vehicle. 

The Law map 12/20




Don’t see a Law for your vehicle? Call us at 800-246-8132!

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