Trailer Hitches

Trailer Hitches

Torklift Central specializes in trailer hitch installation and we hope to earn your confidence by letting you in on a secret. Not only do we sell many brands of trailer hitches, we also have a house brand of trailer hitches sold all over the world at more than 3,000 dealers. That’s right we are the only licensed trailer hitch manufacturer in the United States that is also an installer – and we are only 20 minutes south of Seattle. This means when you take your vehicle someone to install or build a trailer hitch – they are not licensed to do so. We also have a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty to earn your confidence in us. Since 1976 we have been taking care of trailer hitch installation for any type of vehicle from exotics to EV to heavy duty trucks, heck – even military combat vehicles. There is nothing we can’t put a hitch on.


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Why the heck should I get my tow hitch install done at Torklift Central?
We’ve got something that no one else in the United States has – and we are right in your backyard, located only 20 miles north of Tacoma. Did you know that Torklift Central is the only licensed trailer hitch manufacturer in the United States that also is an installer? That’s right, you have a team of experts assigned to your trailer hitch installation which includes a team of certified engineers over-seeing your custom hitch.

Holy cats, why haven’t you stopped in yet – did you know that Torklift Central is home to the College of Trailer Hitch and Towing Knowledge? This means that we train installers all over North America on how to install trailer hitches – we get dozens and dozens of calls from trailer hitch installers locally and across North American asking for help on how to install hitches and how to wire for trailer hitches. Take your vehicle directly to the source.

Our Trailer Hitch Brands:

SuperHitch – Internationally recognized and award-winning house brand – great for heavy duty truck towing

EcoHitch – Internationally recognized and award-winning house brand – great for small vehicle towing and bicycle rack or cargo carrier transportation

Custom Trailer Hitch – This is reserved for those special cars, trucks and SUVs where there is no trailer hitch available anywhere. We will custom fabricate your lifetime warrantied hitch under the guidance of an engineering team while you wait – you will not find that anywhere else

Curt – Economy trailer hitch line

How much does a trailer hitch installation cost?
A trailer hitch installation at Torklift Central starts at just $250 depending on the brand of trailer hitch you choose and the style that works best for you.

Aren’t their cheaper options for tow hitch installation available?
You bet! But something you get with Torklift that you won’t get anywhere is a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty, confidence you are working with a well-established business that will be here another 45 years and expertise in wiring – you do not want to trust your trailer wiring or hitch wiring to an ameture. Trailer hitch wiring done wrong can fry your car’s electrical system. You also have confidence you are given tow hitch options that won’t hang below your bumper – you didn’t invest in your vehicle only to add a giant hunk of metal hanging off the rear-end. You also get quality after care. Need your hitch touched up after miles and miles on the road to keep it fresh? Just stop in.

Ever wondered how to install a trailer hitch?
It really depends. For cars and SUVs, typically it involves carefully removing the bumper, tail-lights and temporary detachment of the wire harnesses. Our house brand - EcoHitch line for cars and SUVs is specially designed to be as hidden as possible as opposed to other brands that tend to hang below the rear bumper of the vehicle causing a loss of ground clearance that detracts from the visual appearance of your vehicle. With the EcoHitch line you also get the highest hitch ratings for towing and carrying without the requirement of unsightly fabric support straps that run from your hitch to your trunk.

For trucks, tow hitch installation is a little more straight forward. It usually involves removing the existing hitch if there is one, following a direct bolt-on install. On the occasion that custom work is needed – no problem. As the only licensed trailer hitch manufacturer who is also an installer in the United States, we have engineers on-site to ensure the best fitting hitch is designed for your truck. We offer many trailer hitch brands but recommend our house brand SuperHitch in most instances because it is a direct bolt-on install that does not result in loss of ground clearance plus it is so beefy you won’t see higher weight ratings than this coming in at 30,000 pounds towing and 3,000 tongue weight. Don’t need that much hitch? No worries – we have everything in between ranging from light duty tow hitches to heavy duty tow hitches.

Can I install a trailer hitch myself?
Yes you absolutely can! All Torklift hitches are designed for simple DIY install and we are happy to sell them directly to you at our store or online where you can have them shipped directly to you with free freight.