Torklift Central's 8th Annual Kent Turkey Challenge

Dates: October 13 - November 12, 2018

The 8th Annual Kent Turkey Challenge Logo
The 8th Annual Kent Turkey Challenge Logo

During the holiday's, many of us sit down to share a warm Thanksgiving meal with our families and friends while hundreds of families in our community stand in lines in the hopes of getting food from the Kent Food Bank.

Bundled up against the cold and waiting for the doors to open, these families are filled with an optimism that they will be able to give thanks with their loved ones and not have to go hungry for Thanksgiving and the Christmas season.

Dropping off food from the  7th Annual Kent Turkey Challenge
Dropping off food from the 7th Annual Kent Turkey Challenge

In order to give them a memorable Thanksgiving and holiday season, the community can join together for the 8th Annual Kent Turkey Challenge and help out our neighbors with a goal of raising $25,000 and 10,000 pounds of food.

In 2011, the Kent Food Bank lost a large portion of their funding during Thanksgiving, leaving many people scrambling to find ways to feed their families. This deeply impacted the community and Torklift Central responded by organizing the first ever Kent Turkey Challenge.  

Over the past seven years, donations to the Kent Food Bank from the Annual Kent Turkey Challenge total more than $140,893 and 45,060 pounds of food, feeding thousands of people that would otherwise go without a Thanksgiving meal. Last year, the turkey challenge raised so much money that the food bank was also able to purchase turkeys and chickens, as well as real butter, fresh celery and fresh sweet potatoes.

One of our previous entries for the Turkey Challenge Coloring Contest!


Every year the Annual Kent Turkey Challenge grows in popularity and competition between the local businesses and organizations involved. Last year alone we had 71 businesses join! A friendly rivalry, the Annual Kent Turkey Challenge is to see who can collect and raise the most food and monetary donations for the Kent Food Bank. One hundred percent of the proceeds are given to local Kent families that are combating hunger during Thanksgiving and year-round. At each of the participating businesses, you can donate canned food or if you prefer, for every $10 donation, you can put your name on a paper turkey for it to be displayed as a thank you for your donation! 

For some added fun, the 8th Annual Kent Turkey Challenge is hosting a kids coloring contest. Children of all ages are welcome to compete for many prizes including an electric Razor scooter. All local school classes participating will receive an ice cream party as a thank you for helping with the challenge. Registration is required in advance. 


Example of a Facebook post you can share to enter to win!

New for this year, businesses and other participants can join us on Facebook to win more prizes including a weekend stay for two in Las Vegas (hotel and airfare included).

Here’s how to win:

  • Participate in the 8th Annual Kent Turkey Challenge
  • Post a photo of your donations on Torklift Central’s Facebook: facebook.com/TorkliftCentral
  • Add the caption: “Participating in the 8th Annual #KentTurkeyChallenge”

The Torklift team will vote on the best photos and prizes will be awarded once the 8th Annual Kent Turkey Challenge has concluded!


Torklift Central asks for your support to make the 8th Annual Kent Turkey Challenge the most successful to date. As a community, this is an opportunity for us to make a lasting positive impact in the lives of families by making sure everyone gets a Thanksgiving meal.

The Annual Kent Turkey Challenge is not just about food; it's about making memories with loved ones. It's about making sure parents can give their children the memory of a bountiful and happy Thanksgiving.

Some great things that are going on this year for the 8th Annual Turkey Challenge:

  • The Kent City Council and mayor will be announcing an official proclamation of the Turkey Challenge on Oct. 2, 2018
  • The Seattle-Tacoma Box Company and The BoxMaker donated boxes to use for the Challenge. The boxes will be distributed to participating businesses for collecting donations
  • Get updates from ILoveKent.net for the Turkey Challenge 
  • Look for Turkey Challenge details in the Kent Chamber and Kent Downtown Partnership newsletters
  • The Kent Reporter is spotlighting the top five leaders of the Annual Kent Turkey Challenge every week during the challenge
  • There will be a Facebook competition for all ages to share photos of their donations to be entered to win a prize  - a trip for two to Las Vegas (only eligible for adults ages 18 and up.) 
  • For participating schools - each pre-registered class will earn an ice cream party and students will have a chance to win an electric Razor scooter 
  • Winner of the communit-wide coloring contest will win an electric Razor scooter

On the Torklift Central website, we will list every contributing organization on the leader board which is located below. A counter of the total contributions the community has collected above will also tabulate how much our community has left to go before we reach our goal! We will also be showcasing the leaders of the challenge through our blog, e-newsletters and on our Facebook.


With your help, we can reach our 8th anniversary goal that every family in our community will be able to share a special holiday meal and that no household will have to go hungry on Thanksgiving.

To participate in the 8th Annual Kent Turkey Challenge, please contact Kerstin at: [email protected] or enter in the Want to Participate form below.


The Kent Reporter
The Seattle Tacoma Box Company
I Love Kent .net
The Kent Chamber of Commerce

The Kent Chamber of Commerce

The Kent Downtown Partnership


Contest Leader Board

We want to recognize the individual contributions of each business. There is no donation too small as every bit helps. We want to thank each of these businesses for their continued support and donation efforts.

Food Collected:

18,133 cans

  • 5,236 cansPlemmons Industries

  • 4,313 cansSunrise Elementary

  • 1,259 cansSeattle / Tacoma KOA

  • 1,119 cansGrass Lake Elementary

  • 992 cansSeattle Mabuhay Lions Club

  • 659 cansKent CrossFit

  • 475 cansSpringbrook Elementary School

  • 316 cansKent Reporter

  • 300 cansAnytime Fitness

  • 289 cansHanis Irvine Prothero

  • 266 cansKent United Methodist Church

  • 240 cansMaplehurst Bakery

  • 236 cansSKIS Painting, Inc

  • 171 cansGreaney Scudder Law Firm, PLLC

  • 146 cansTorklift

  • 140 cansChateau at Valley Center, Residents and Employees

  • 137 cansNational Event Pros

  • 129 cansPacific Power Group

  • 122 cansBell-Anderson & Associates LLC

  • 118 cansTransmark Logistics

  • 115 cansMedoSweet Farms

  • 98 cansFarrington Court Retirement

  • 95 cansAround the Clock INC.

  • 89 cansPegasus Northwest Inc.

  • 67 cansMy Gym Children's Fitness Center

  • 58 cansAllegro Performing Arts Academy

  • 54 cansShannon and Associates

  • 52 cansCurran Law Firm

  • 52 cansMcMonigle Veterinary Hospital

  • 50 cansBlinker Tavern

  • 50 cansShine On Signs and Graphics

  • 50 cansKent Valley Ice Center

  • 46 cansThermo King Northwest

  • 43 cansKent Family Dentistry

  • 40 cansPearson Chiropractic

  • 39 cansHeritage Bank

  • 35 cansInterior Specialists, Inc.

  • 35 cansMeridian Dental Clinic

  • 33 cansCow Chip Cookie

  • 32 cansZ-Ultimate

  • 31 cansSalon Ivoni

  • 29 cansPacific Metallurgical Inc.

  • 27 cansKent Performance Auto Center

  • 27 cansPacific Raceway

  • 26 cansSkcac Industries and Employment Services

  • 26 cansStafford Suites Senior Apartments

  • 22 cansBanner Bank

  • 22 cansLucky Dog Auto Glass

  • 18 cansAFL Hyperscale/ The Light Brigade

  • 16 cansEberle Vivian

  • 15 cansLA Fitness

  • 14 cansStarbucks

  • 13 cansGreen Dog Grooming

  • 11 cansAutotek Tire & Services

  • 10 cansRad Roasting Company

  • 10 cansTile Lines

  • 7 cansExhibition Automotive CarStar

  • 6 cansLifelike Dentures

  • 4 cansKent Eye Clinic

  • 3 cansUS Bank

  • 0 cansGonnason Boats

  • 0 cansExpress Employment Pros

  • 0 cansColumbia Bank

  • 0 cansRenton Dental Arts

  • 0 cansRunning Stitch Fabrics

  • 0 cansWells Fargo Bank

  • 0 cansRodda Paint

  • 0 cansNiemen Glass

  • 0 cansAgave Cocina and Cantina

  • 0 cansNorthwest Welding and Gases

  • 0 cansRam Restaurant and Brewery

Cash Collected:


  • $4,000 collectedEberle Vivian

  • $2,000 collectedKent United Methodist Church

  • $2,000 collectedShannon and Associates

  • $2,000 collectedPegasus Northwest Inc.

  • $1,000 collectedChateau at Valley Center, Residents and Employees

  • $2,480 collectedTorklift

  • $710 collectedCurran Law Firm

  • $540 collectedAnytime Fitness

  • $500 collectedExhibition Automotive CarStar

  • $375 collectedGreaney Scudder Law Firm, PLLC

  • $354 collectedKent Valley Ice Center

  • $150 collectedAllegro Performing Arts Academy

  • $150 collectedLifelike Dentures

  • $140 collectedTile Lines

  • $120 collectedPacific Power Group

  • $110 collectedMeridian Dental Clinic

  • $100 collectedKent Performance Auto Center

  • $100 collectedSkcac Industries and Employment Services

  • $100 collectedNational Event Pros

  • $100 collectedNorthwest Welding and Gases

  • $96 collectedBanner Bank

  • $90 collectedThermo King Northwest

  • $60 collectedMy Gym Children's Fitness Center

  • $60 collectedAFL Hyperscale/ The Light Brigade

  • $50 collectedPacific Metallurgical Inc.

  • $50 collectedRunning Stitch Fabrics

  • $30 collectedCow Chip Cookie

  • $20 collectedRam Restaurant and Brewery

  • $10 collectedBell-Anderson & Associates LLC

  • $10 collectedPacific Raceway

  • $0 collectedKent Family Dentistry

  • $0 collectedGonnason Boats

  • $0 collectedInterior Specialists, Inc.

  • $0 collectedZ-Ultimate

  • $0 collectedExpress Employment Pros

  • $0 collectedSeattle / Tacoma KOA

  • $0 collectedGrass Lake Elementary

  • $0 collectedMedoSweet Farms

  • $0 collectedRad Roasting Company

  • $0 collectedBlinker Tavern

  • $0 collectedUS Bank

  • $0 collectedColumbia Bank

  • $0 collectedFarrington Court Retirement

  • $0 collectedKent CrossFit

  • $0 collectedSunrise Elementary

  • $0 collectedHeritage Bank

  • $0 collectedKent Eye Clinic

  • $0 collectedAround the Clock INC.

  • $0 collectedRenton Dental Arts

  • $0 collectedLucky Dog Auto Glass

  • $0 collectedAutotek Tire & Services

  • $0 collectedStarbucks

  • $0 collectedShine On Signs and Graphics

  • $0 collectedPearson Chiropractic

  • $0 collectedPlemmons Industries

  • $0 collectedMcMonigle Veterinary Hospital

  • $0 collectedStafford Suites Senior Apartments

  • $0 collectedHanis Irvine Prothero

  • $0 collectedSKIS Painting, Inc

  • $0 collectedWells Fargo Bank

  • $0 collectedRodda Paint

  • $0 collectedLA Fitness

  • $0 collectedNiemen Glass

  • $0 collectedAgave Cocina and Cantina

  • $0 collectedKent Reporter

  • $0 collectedSpringbrook Elementary School

  • $0 collectedSalon Ivoni

  • $0 collectedTransmark Logistics

  • $0 collectedGreen Dog Grooming

  • $0 collectedSeattle Mabuhay Lions Club

  • $0 collectedMaplehurst Bakery