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2016-2020 Tesla Model S Refresh Undercover

The Tesla Undercover is designed to cover up the small access port on the bottom panel of the 2016-2020 Refresh Tesla Model S. When the hitch adapter is removed, the Undercover maintains factory designed aerodynamics and keeps any kind of debris or water from coming into the port when the receiver is not installed.

Not compatible with Pre-refresh Tesla Model S. 2012-2016 Undercover available here.

Part Numbers: XA2001
Applications Include:
2016 Refresh Tesla Model S
2017 Refresh Tesla Model S
2018 Refresh Tesla Model S
2019 Refresh Tesla Model S

2020 Refresh Tesla Model S


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Car enthusiasts have long sought the added benefits of a trailer hitch without compromising the aesthetics or aerodynamic design of their vehicles – the Tesla Model S especially. Trailer hitches that meet the criteria of a hidden hitch; like the EcoHitch are rare. The EcoHitch for the Tesla Model S is designed specifically to keep hidden and stealth status by using a removable hitch adapter. This leaves only a small access port for the hitch on the bottom of the Model S panel where dust and debris could potentially enter.

That’s where the Undercover comes in. It’s designed to cover up the small access port on the bottom panel of the Tesla Model S when the hitch adapter is removed, maintaining factory designed aerodynamics and keeping any kind of debris or water from coming into the port when the receiver is not installed.

Remove the hitch adapter from the EcoHitch and slide The Undercover in its place. This allows your Refresh Model S to stay in “spy mode” when not in use. Simply pull down on the tab to remove The Undercover and the EcoHitch is back in action when ready to use.

The Undercover uses a special high-tech magnet that has more than 55 pounds of pulling force, yet removes easily with one hand, making sure The Undercover will not slide out while driving. It’s lined with EPDM synthetic rubber WeatherSeal that will not harden, crack or freeze and it retains its shape in sub-zero temperatures.


Features of the Undercover Include:

  • 100% aircraft grade aluminum construction
  • 100% stainless steel hardware
  • Special high-tech magnets with over 55 pounds pulling force yet removes easily with one hand
  • High impact powder coat aircraft grade aluminum
  • Utilizes EPDM rubber weatherseal – Will not harden, crack or freeze. Retains shape in sub-zero temps.
  • Easy removal
  • Lifetime warranty included
  • Made in the USA


2016-2020 Refresh Tesla Model S EcoHitch

Not compatible with 2012-2016 Pre-Refresh Tesla Model S

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