We recently had the pleasure of meeting Torklift International customer Jim Weber who stopped by Torklift here in Washington. When it comes to a camper tie down system, there is only one tie down design available that provides safety, stability and prevents any possibility of bed and bumper damage to a truck: frame-mounted camper tie downs.

Weber tells us how Torklift’s frame-mounted Talon aluminum Tie Downs are his preferred system for hauling his heavy Eagle Cap 1160 2-slide truck camper with his 2001 Ford F350 truck for all his summer camping trips.

Jim's summer camping set up!

Watch his video below:

As Weber discusses his experience with Talon Tie Downs, he uncovers three major features of the truck camper tie downs that contribute to a multitude of benefits.



Damage caused by tie downs attached to truck bed

  1. Torklift camper tie downs bolt directly to the truck frame
      1. Creates one unit: strongest design in the industry
      2. Prevents any possibility of truck bed damage or bumper damage
      3. Tie downs are individually engineered to each truck model to ensure the best possible fitment on four independent tie down points
      4. No effect on ground clearance and completely hidden when not in use

    Jim Weber talks about Torklift Talon Tie Downs

  2. Easy installation
    1. No drilling required
    2. Installs in less than two hours or as little as 30 minutes
  3. Comes with tie down weather caps to protect tubing when not in use
    1. Prevent dirt and grime from getting stuck inside the system
    2. Helps maintain condition of tie downs
    3. A foam plug inserts into the back end of the tube while plastic covers conceal the outer opening


      Tie Down Finishing Kit


Aluminum camper tie downs


  1. Military grade aluminum is up to 50 percent lighter than steel applications
    1. Ultra lightweight feature is beneficial when payload is a sensitive factor
  2. Aluminum designs are tested to meet or exceed the strength of traditional steel tie downs in all applications
  3. Rust-free, corrosion resistant


  1. Torklift frame-mounted tie downs are covered by Torklift’s Legendary Lifetime Warranty
  2. Talon Tie Downs come with an exclusive corrosion protection for life
  3. Lifetime warranty extends to the truck frame and camper anchor points for the extent of its manufacturer warranty if Torklift frame-mounted tie downs are used with spring-loaded turnbuckles



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To upgrade your truck camper system to Get Out and Go for safe, summer camping trips - upgrade your truck camper tie downs today! To order yours, visit here or contact us using the information below!



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