September 2013

  1. EcoHitch Discount in Honor of National Plug In Day 2013

    http://torkliftcentral.com/pluginday2013/In honor of National Plug In Day 2013 Torklift Central is offering $25 off an EcoHitch September 28th - October 5th on online orders only. Excludes Subaru models and Toyota Rav 4. EcoHitches are precision crafted hitches to fit your specific hybrid, PZEV or electric vehicle. They require no drilling to your vehicle and are made out of recycled materials.Torklift...
  2. Life with a Tesla Model S EcoHitch

    Some of photos of Francis L.'s Tesla Model S and Ecohitch. As you can see, the only part of the EcoHitch that is visible is the receiver adapter. The crosstubes are completely hidden behind the bumper and no safety straps are required for the bike rack. More information about this product can be found at the following link: Tesla Model S...

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