“A Stealth design would’ve required a cut into the rear diffuser so the hitch could be accommodated. With the Invisi, the cut is exclusively hidden behind the license plate, so when the license plate is folded down and there’s no accessory in use, there is absolutely nothing to see.” - Wes

Torklift Central is known for building, designing, and installing innovative trailer hitch designs including the household brand EcoHitch®. Every EcoHitch® is custom engineered and put to the test at Torklift Central’s Retail Product Development Center before being mass produced and shipped to customer’s worldwide.

EcoHitch® boasts several top-of-the-line qualities, including a rust-free stainless steel receiver and featuring the best ground clearance available. The EcoHitch® is available in three innovative designs, all of which include a hitch cross tube that is completely concealed behind the bumper.

Often times, when a new vehicle comes to market and has a high demand for a custom-tailored EcoHitch®, Torklift Central calls upon the local community to provide vehicles to test the new EcoHitch® fitment on. In this case, Torklift Central utilized a previous customer, Wes, and his brand new Volkswagen Golf R to design the EcoHitch® fitment that will be released to the general public in April.  

Take a peak into this exclusive interview with Wes, the owner of the world’s first stainless steel, Invisi EcoHitch® for the new generation Volkswagen Golf R –

Torklift: How did you hear about Torklift Central? What set us apart that made you want to go with us?

Wes: I think I first heard about Torklift Central from one of my friends that got a hitch installed on his Subaru which would have been a few years ago. At the time, I was looking for a hitch for my previous car. I’m not the type that would install a hitch myself if it would require cutting, which my car would have due to the rear diffuser, and I just wasn’t comfortable with that. I needed a trustworthy place that could install a hitch for me and handle the delicate aspects of the installation.

Torklift: So you have come to us for multiple hitch installations at this point, is that right?

Wes: Yes, I’ve had two hitches installed by you now.

Torklift: What are you planning on utilizing this hitch for?

Wes: I will be carrying a mountain bike rack. I have a Kuat NV 2.0.

Torklift: What is the stand-out feature of your Invisi EcoHitch® for you?

Wes: What stands out about this EcoHitch is that it is an Invisi hitch. The reason that is important to me is because of the aesthetics – when the hitch accessory is not installed, you would have no idea that this car even has a hitch. This is generally the concept of the Stealth hitch also, but a Stealth design would’ve required a cut into the rear diffuser so the hitch could be accommodated. With the Invisi, the cut is exclusively hidden behind the license plate, so when the license plate is folded down and there’s no accessory in use, there is absolutely nothing to see.

Torklift: Were you aware of the stainless steel receiver at the time of installation?

Wes: Yes, I was aware. The prior EcoHitch I had was also stainless steel. I would say the quality of that product was a big factor in my decision to go back to Torklift for this new hitch on my new car. The fact that a stainless steel hitch should last longer, will look good, and is reliable, were all things that were important to me. Other than that, just knowing that you are getting a top-of-the-line product is great.

Torklift: What are your thoughts on the Invisi style design compared to other hitch designs on the market?

Wes: The last hitch I had on my prior vehicle was a regular Hidden EcoHitch – non-Stealth and non-Invisi. It was always visible and while it looked fine, it was still a hitch sitting down there. In my opinion, if I had the ability to choose, I would have chosen a hitch that you couldn’t see because I prefer the clean lines of the vehicle itself. Operationally, it is a little different in that the receiver is inside the bumper, but this has a significant aesthetic advantage.

One thing you’d have to think about is the ability to fit a locking pin in the space that was created for the hitch. In my experience, there is enough space to fit the lock for my bike rack. I don’t know if this would be the case for every lock and accessory out there. It definitely requires nimble fingers, but I think I could also access the locking pin from under the car as well.

Torklift: Is there any other thoughts you’d like to add about the Invisi EcoHitch® that would peak the interest of the Volkswagen community?

Wes: The aesthetic considerations are going to be huge. You have no idea that there is a hitch at all and there is no visible cut. That is extremely cool and something that members of a car enthusiast community like this vehicle where the owners are very passionate about them. Knowing you can get this type of functionality without any damage to the aesthetics of the vehicle is a huge plus.

There you have it. The new Invisi EcoHitch® for the 2022 – 2024 Volkswagen Golf R will revolutionize the world of concealed trailer hitches, allowing users to get unbeatable ground clearance and maintain the sleek aesthetics of your Golf R. Speaking of aesthetics, the rust-free stainless steel receiver will never turn into a rusty eyesore that causes your hitch accessories to fuse to your hitch.

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