August 2012

  1. Torklift Central- Gen II Toyota Prius Hitch 2"

    We have been getting multiple requests from customers for us to create a 2" trailer hitch for the Gen II Prius.  Well.....you asked for it, and you've got it!Introducing the Gen II Toyota Prius 2" Eco Hitch.This hitch is 100% no drill, and comes complete with a full lifetime warranty and all hardware necessary for installation.Fits 2004-2009 Toyota Prius Gen...
  2. Torklift Central-Who would have thought? Tesla Roadster Hitch

    This past week marks a milestone in the towing industry. For the first time ever, a production style ecohitch " trailer hitch " has been designed, manufactured, and installed on not one, but two Tesla Roadsters.    If you don't know anything about the Tesla Roadster, this car is 100% electric. It is also one of the fastest cars on...

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