This past week marks a milestone in the towing industry. For the first time ever, a production style ecohitch " trailer hitch " has been designed, manufactured, and installed on not one, but two Tesla Roadsters.    If you don't know anything about the Tesla Roadster, this car is 100% electric. It is also one of the fastest cars on the market that the average Joe can afford.  Can your hummer do 0-60 in 3.7  seconds?  This Tesla Roadster can.  I have personally been on a test drive with one of these fine machines, and let me tell you what.  It is like strapping yourself into a rocket. This car is fast and handles like a dream.  

The Tesla Roadster was brought to us by a gentleman who actually owns two of them.  So we said, why not put a hitch on both? So we did.   They use the same frame and chassis, a tube extrusion from Lotus.  So once we designed and made one, then the second one installed with ease.  

If you look into the Tesla Roadster, you will notice that it was designed with aerodynamics involved and they are vital to the success of the mileage of the vehicle.  These panels allow the car to glide when driving, reduces drag, and allows the contours of the vehicle to work for itself in decreasing resistance.

So what did we do?  We designed the trailer hitch to keep those panels in place, so well that you cannot even see that a hitch was installed unless you look hard and close.     The best part of the entire process is that we were able to keep the weight of the unit down to an all time low.  Our goal was to reduce the weight of the hitch and keep it lower than 40 lb..  We were able to get it down to 32 lb.  We incorporated aircraft grade aluminum frame straps.  This allowed the strength to be there where we need it, but also it kept the hitch lightweight.  If you know anything about all electric cars its that drag is evil.  Electric car owners see excessive weight and drag as the enemy to extended range. Can you blame them?  They are solely surviving off of a battery pack that gives them real time updates on how much further they can travel before they stop moving due to a dead battery. Thats living life in the fast lane.  lol. With the aluminum straps and the trailer hitch installed, we were able to keep the steel panels in place and un moved.    This trailer hitch looks sweet.  Did I mention that this hitch is a no drill application,uses grade 8 fasteners, stainless fasteners, and comes complete with a lifetime guarantee?   Thats right folks, lifetime guarantee.

Total installation time for a consumer is around 2 hours. Using basic hand tools.  

You can view our installation video here

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