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The StableLoad™ suspension enhancement dramatically improves vehicle handling characteristics by "pre-activating" the stabilizing effect designed for rear springs by keeping them actively under load the way your vehicle factory engineers designed them to operate. It’s also the only suspension enhancement that you can turn on and off with the lower leaf spring design so you can return to your factory ride when not towing or hauling.


Once you begin to tow or haul with your truck, pressure is applied on the factory overload springs of your vehicle’s suspension. The leaf springs on your vehicle are designed as a spring pack with upper and lower overload leaf springs. When the vehicle is loaded the spring pack engages. The problem is that there isn’t enough stability to support the load, resulting in poor handling characteristics. Here’s just a few you may have experienced:

  • Side-to-Side Sway
  • Body Roll
  • Porpoising
  • Truck Sag


  • The StableLoad is the only overload suspension system that follows the two major truck manufacturing laws of suspension:
    Law 1: Must be uncompromisingly comfortable as a passenger vehicle
    Law 2: Must ride safely without compromising comfort while towing and hauling
  • Dramatically improves safety, handling, body roll and porpoising while towing and hauling
  • Ability to turn on and off in seconds*
  • Universal fit for all vehicles with factory installed upper or lower overloads
  • Quad contact design complements the vehicle's specially engineered suspension that automotive manufacturers have invested millions of dollars designing, while all other rear suspension products reduce contact to only two points
  • Quick no-drill installation**
  • Enhances airbag performance by lowering airbag overload air pressure and activating the factory overloads
  • Kit includes four StableLoads (outfits one complete vehicle)
  • Legendary Lifetime Warranty includes coverage for the vehicle factory leaf springs
  • Proudly made in the USA
* Applies only to the StableLoad Quick Disconnect (Lower Overload).
** Does not apply to the StableLoad Quick Disconnect (Lower Overload) A7311 (WITH DRILL KIT).
StableLoad A7310/A7311/A7310S/A7311S require a minimum of 1-inch of clearance between the StableLoad and tire. 

Find Your Part Number

Due to varying suspension options not all vehicle models come equipped with factory overloads.

Before ordering your StableLoad™, please first verify that your vehicle came equipped with factory overloads, and what type of overload (upper overload or lower overload) your vehicle is equipped with.

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  1. STABLELOAD - Upper Overload - A7200
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  2. StableLoad Spacer 1 1/4" - Upper Overload - A7201
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  4. STABLELOAD: Quick Disconnect - A7310
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  5. STABLELOAD: Quick Disconnect - A7310S
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  6. STABLELOAD: Quick Disconnect with Drill Bits - A7311
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  7. STABLELOAD: Quick Disconnect with Drill Bits - A7311S
    Now Only $310.39 Regular Price $387.99
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