Free Safety Inspection

Free Safety Inspection

Torklift Central offers a free 10 point safety inspection for your trailer.

Inspection includes checking breakaway systems, bearing tension, tires and air pressure, inspecting the suspension, checking lights, the braking system, inspecting the grease fittings, checking the ball coupler, safety chains, chassis and frame.

Check Breakaway Systems - We inspect and test your breakaway system on your brakes. Proper breakaway activation is essential when towing.  In case of disconnect or accident, proper use of the breakaway system is crucial to stop the trailer and prevent the trailer from passing you down the road in the event of disconnect. 

Bearing Tension- Loose bearing tension causes your bearings to fail quickly. The tension on the bearings needs to be properly set to achieve long-term life out of your bearings and hub system. 

Tires and Air Pressure - Over or under inflated tires cause uneven tire wear, poor braking, bad fuel economy and dangerous handling. 

Suspension Inspection - Suspension on a trailer is a moving assembly that is susceptible to wear and tear. Vibrations from the road cause things to become loose. Your suspension, (springs, link plates, u-bolts, shackle bolts, axle straightness and spring hangers) is what your trailer rides on making this a critical part of an inspection.

Lights - With proper working lights, your safety and the safety of others are protected with working light conditions. 

Braking System - Proper operation of your braking system on your trailer is not only crucial for proper braking while towing, but also for proper braking when in an emergency situation. With a bearing repack service, we inspect your braking system which includes the wiring, brake shoes, magnets, wheel cylinders and more. 

Grease Fittings - If your trailer has grease fittings, we inspect and re-grease your fittings on your trailer to keep those parts lubricated to ensure longevity and lifespan of your parts. 

Ball Coupler - Proper ball coupler operation is critical when towing. Torklift inspects the coupler latch mechanism and coupler ball socket to ensure proper operation.

Safety Chains – We inspect your safety chains for proper length when towing, as well as for wear and tear. It’s common to see faulty safety chains due to the chains being dragged while the trailer is being towed. 

Chassis and Frame - When performing a chassis/frame inspection, we inspect the frame and chassis of your trailer for fracture points, cracks, tears, or rust in the trailer’s frame that poses a potential risk to the trailer structure. 

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