Proper trailer maintenance and trailer troubleshooting avoids costly trailer repair 

Your utility trailer is built to do work.  Whether it’s hauling your toys or enough landscaping materials to make your back hurt just looking at it, performing trailer maintenance is necessary to keep your trailer safe and functional.

Torklift Central specializes in trailer sales, trailer service, trailer repair and custom utility trailer fabrication.  These are the most important ways we recommend that you Get Out And Go like a pro with your utility trailer.

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Identifying necessary utility trailer repairs shouldn’t be a mystery
Free 10-point safety inspection

The most important service a hitch and tow facility such as Torklift Central in Washington state performs for your utility trailer or any other type of trailer is a safety inspection service.  Preventative trailer maintenance is essential to avoiding unnecessary and costly repairs as well as accidents and breakdowns.

Learn more about our 10-point trailer safety inspection here.

A quality trailer safety inspection should include:

1.    Breakaway system
2.    Braking system
3.    Bearing tension
4.    Tires and air pressure
5.    Suspension inspection
6.    Lighting system
7.    Grease fittings
8.    Ball coupler
9.    Safety chains
10.    Chassis and frame

Wheel bearing repack service

Technician performing a trailer wheel bearing repack

Bearing failure is the most common reason your utility trailer or any other trailer will break down. If you notice trailer wheel noise coming from your trailer there’s a good chance that it is coming from wheel bearing noise. 

A simple bearing repack service is the number one way you can ensure your trailer wheel bearings keep you on the road for years to come. 

The service is quick affordable and helps avoid the complete wheel bearing replacement cost that could otherwise become necessary.  A wheel bearing repack service is recommended at least annually.  The more you use your trailer the more often you should inspect your trailer wheel bearing packs.

Synthetic grease is ideal for a bearing repack.  Always make sure to perform a bearing repack with bearing grease, which is specially designed to withstand heat generated by rotation. 

Electrical inspection

A trailer electrical inspection keeps you safe and legal

The first step to see if all your trailer lights are working is to hook up your trailer’s electrical system to your tow vehicle turn the lights on and conduct a quick walk around. 

Secondly, have someone step on the brake pedal and test the turn signals to ensure they are both functional.  You should also inspect the rubber grommets where your trailer light wiring enters and exits the frame.  If the grommets are rotted, worn or fallen out, your wires run the risk of chaffing and grounding out.

Learning how to wire trailer lights can be frustrating if you can’t find the source of an electrical failure.  A full service hitch and tow shop such as Torklift Central can help with troubleshooting trailer lights with your complete trailer wiring system inspection

If the ball and coupler are worn or faulty a number of serious accidents can occur
 Ball and coupler

It’s hard to overstate the importance of a properly functioning ball coupler.  Your trailer ball coupler is the crucial point of connection between your trailer and tow vehicle.

Always make sure the coupler latch moves the collar that locks into place under the trailer hitch ball.   Just because the latch moves does not guarantee your coupler latch is actually securing your trailer to the tow ball. 

You should also look up into the trailer coupler to inspect wear and tear.  If this area is showing signs of extensive corrosion a new coupler may be in order to avoid a loose or rough connection point between the coupler and tow ball.  To prolong the life of your coupler, spray some penetrating lubricant such as Prolong or WD-40 into the moving parts.  

Custom trailer fabrication

Make a trailer that looks like this:

Perform like this:

In certain cases custom utility trailer work is necessary to refurbish your trailer or to make it perform the way you would like it to.

Custom fabrication can make any trailer look new again

Trailer ramps, trailer side rails and trailer utility racks can all be custom fabricated for a utility trailer by an experienced facility. 

Torklift Central’s custom fabrication and engineering team is factory certified with years of real-world experience under their belts.

Using MIG, TIG and STICK welding techniques, our team is capable of custom welding aluminum, mild steel, bronze, brass, iron, copper, cast, stainless steel and plastic for any project, including your utility trailer.

To learn more about how you can help keep your trailer on the road for years to come, visit our Trailer Center online or contact us today.

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