Mercedes Sprinter Van and Motorhome Front Hitch for 2013-2022

Mercedes Sprinter Van and Motorhome Front Hitch for 2013-2022


2012-2018 Dodge Ram Front Hitch

2012-2018 Dodge Ram Front Hitch

Mercedes Sprinter Van and Motorhome Front Hitch for 2013-2022


 This Sprinter Van hitch is the top front hitch option available. This Mercedes Sprinter hitch fits 2013-2022 applications. The design of this Sprinter front hitch was created in a way to complement your Mercedes frontend. It sits just under the grill – only the receiver is visible - rather than hanging below several inches causing an unsightly look and a large loss of ground clearance. More details below on this must-have Sprinter Van front hitch.

Part number: x7352 (2”)

As low as $492.99
 This Mercedes Sprinter front hitch can get the job done for all your front tow hitch needs. Go ahead – carry a bike rack, a bicycle tray, hold your kayaks – it can do it all. And even better? You will never have to modify your accessories to work with another Sprinter Van trailer hitch ever again when you go with this Sprinter tow hitch. So many others will have to purchase adapter extensions to bridge the gap between their accessories and their front hitch receiver – but not you.

Have you seen what its pulling and tongue weight capacities are? They are pretty high coming in at 3,500 pounds pulling and 525 pounds tongue weight.


Added bonus? Unlike other brands, it will not hang below your grill several inches creating a significant loss of ground clearance and loss of your Sprinter Van’s looks. You paid a pretty penny for your Mercedes Sprinter Van – the aftermarket accessories better match it.

  • Design is complimentary to your Sprinter Van’s front end and this front hitch fits right under your grill – only the receiver is visible
  • Available in 2 inch class 3 front receiver hitch style
  • Never modify your front hitch receiver again – this receiver is not recessed so deep into the grill that you have to modify your accessories including racks and trays in order to reach the receiver which is the norm with other front hitch brands
  • No loss of airflow - this front receiver hitch is uniquely designed to avoid interference
  • No-drill design - this front Sprinter trailer hitch bolts directly to the frame using pre-existing bolt holes
  • Front hitch design is crafted only for your vehicle - no excessive protruding
  • Rated for 525 pounds tongue weight and 3,500 pounds pulling
  • Engineered to meet stringent national SAE J684 towing safety standards for front hitches
  • Free shipping to the lower 48 states
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Legendary Lifetime Warranty

Applications include:

2013 Mercedes Sprinter front hitch
2014 Mercedes Sprinter front hitch
2015 Mercedes Sprinter front hitch
2016 Mercedes Sprinter front hitch
2017 Mercedes Sprinter front hitch
2018 Mercedes Sprinter front hitch
2019 Mercedes Sprinter front hitch
2020 Mercedes Sprinter front hitch
2021 Mercedes Sprinter front hitch
2022 Mercedes Sprinter front hitch

*Fits van body and cab & chassis models including sprinter based RV's


Front Hitch Installation on Mercedes Sprinter Van

*This video is intended to give a general overview of how this hitch is installed. For more specific information or details, please refer to the written instructions. 

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