Air Force One

Air Force One


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SMI Manufacturing Stay-In-Play DUO

SMI Manufacturing Stay-In-Play DUO

Air Force One

The Air Force One is one of the best towed vehicle brake systems available. Simple to control, easier to use, and the smallest actuator in the industry.

The SMI Air Force One has a small operating unit installed under the hood so you never know it is there. No messy components scattered in the towed vehicle to complicate things; just an operating module to control the towed vehicle brakes with no physical connection to the motorhome.


Air Force One is the only brake system that energizes the towed vehicle’s power brakes through a process that doesn’t require a vacuum pump. This breaking system uses a signal from the coach to deliver direct proportional braking that doesn’t require adjusting the braking effort. The towed vehicle experiences the same braking symmetry as each individual break on the coach.

One of the best parts about Air Force One is that removal and installation is not necessary. The operating unit mounts under the hood of the tow vehicle, completely out of sight, and stays there. All you have to do when you are wanting to tow your car behind the motorhome is to attach the Air Force One jumper and you are ready to go. There’s also an LED indicator that mounts to the towed vehicle to show that the brakes are on in the towed vehicle.

Another feature of the Air Force One is the Total Coach Protection, an exclusive Air Force One attribute. It is a process that separates and protects the air supply on the coach. To meet federal requirements when using air brakes, the supplemental brake system must protect the towing vehicle air supply and the Air Force One does this by being pre-assembled and pre-tested for function and leaks before installation. No other air-operated system offers this level of safety and control.

Features of the Air Force One include:

• Works with ALL towed vehicles and is easy to transfer to a new towed vehicle
• Completely out of sight installation – operating unit is installed under the hood of the towed vehicle
• Always ready to tow – just attach the Air Force One jumper and you are ready to tow, no need for adjustments
• Truly proportionate braking that applies the brakes in the towed vehicle when you apply the brake in the coach
• Coach notification in the form of an LED light that mounts to the towed vehicle that shows you when the brakes are on in the towed vehicle

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