With the change in the economy peoples changing habits have changed. Thats not to say that things are not better than before. We have come a long way since the fall of 2008. With the changes in the economy, things start to change everywhere. In the RV industry it started to change in a different direction than most had expected. Most manufacturers were trying to find ways to save a buck or two by outsourcing. Outsourcing (CHINA) can save a manufacturer a ton of money when it comes to production and having a complete ready to ship product. Time is money, and cheaper than normal labor can definitely save you a buck or two.

As a consumer, we are all about saving money. In these days we look for every opportunity to cut costs and save a few bucks to put back into what we thought was our savings, but somehow seems to be changed to checking.

So picture this. You are purchasing a new 5th wheel at a local dealership. You are then given the task to get a 5th wheel hitch to put in your truck bed ( assuming you don't already have one ) to be able to pull that new shiny double axle house on wheels. Most typical dealerships will throw in the hitch in the deal to get you to purchase the unit. It is a common occurrence.

Now dealerships are just like manufacturers,and consumers. Trying to save a few bucks here and there. I mean, every penny counts these days right? Right and Wrong. What the dealer isn't telling you is that they are giving you the bottom end of the road hitch. They are giving you an offshore product that is casted out of a mold and brought here to the US. Sure, they are going to give you some un heard of warranty with it to ease the thought of Offshore junk.

But what they aren't telling you is that the quality of that product is not up to standards. You will find in a lot of the offshore hitches sudden defects, slop in the hitch, movement in the jaw mechanism, knocks and bangs when towing that would literally scare the hell out of anyone.

But if the manufacturer is willing to give you such a long warranty. Why does any of this matter? As a consumer you feel covered and safe by the so called "warranty" but you really are being sold short.

You are being sold short of a glorified American made product. There are 3 manufacturers of 5th wheel hitches here in the United States that have vowed to keep their products made in the USA.

You ask, how do they do it? Well, its easy. They literally MAKE EVERYTHING HERE! They employ workers from their community, they purchase their steel in the USA as opposed to offshore, they keep the entire line of production in the USA. From point A to Z, its 100% USA.

The other things that you won't find in the offshore hitches is a higher quality standard that is above the rest. With American made hitches you will find higher jaw mechanisms that are measured in the thousandths of an inch. You will find hitches that don't produce the knocks and bangs.

In the End, "YOU" as the consumer are walking away with a product made in the USA, Made from USA Steel, By a True craftsman in the USA, You have confidence in knowing that your hitch is sound.

And last but not least.....you put your money back into your countries economy.

For us at Torklift Central, we sell and support MADE IN THE USA products.

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