Pullrite 5th Wheel Hitches. Pullrite has been around longer than I have.  Which is quite a bit of time. They are a seasoned manufacturer who believes in excellence and makes in my opinion the best 5th wheel hitch on the market today.  I am very passionate about Pullrite products.  Why you ask?  Well let me tell you why. Pullrite not only makes the best 5th wheel hitch on the market, and there are reasons why they make the best over the other. But the main reason why they are the best is because of what makes them who they are. Core Values, Integrity, Pride, Quality, and the most important of all.....Made in the USA since day 1.   You see, Pullrite not only makes the highest quality 5th wheel hitch on the market but they were able to be successful on creating that 5th wheel here in the USA, and they continued to manufacture it here solely here in the U.S.  Pullrite employs up to 75 employees. When Pullrite designed the 5th wheel hitch they kept the consumer in mind. They used round holes for the pins instead of oblong like every other manufacturer.   The reason being.....the hitch can't move if its a round hole with a round pin. Pretty funny to think about since we all learned this with our toy blocks and the box with the shaped holes.  Triangles don't fit into circles.    They also use a laser steel cuter and cut the jaw mechanism down to .0030 of an inch. Thats TIGHT!  This gives no room for the kingpin to move in the hitch head.   So you must ask yourself, why doesn't every other manufacturer do this? Well.....to be honest. They don't care.  They all copy each other and make the same hitch with a different cast overseas. The rest copy similar parts and turn it into their own, while still delivering a offshore (Chinese) product.

For us here at Torklift Central, we stand behind our U.S manufacturers. That is why we have vowed to turn our business into 100% made in America on our CORE products that we offer. We believe in U.S products, made by U.S workers, with U.S steel.       It brings a sense of pride, but also you know that when as an installer and retailer that you are selling your customer the absolute best product on the market and not selling them short.

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