Torklift Central wants you to be safe, legal, and confident when dinghy towing a vehicle behind your RV.  The designs of modern autos and state laws make having a daily driver in tow for a family trip more complicated than ever.  Nowadays there’s more to it than simply installing a tow bar, shifting the transmission into neutral and hitting the road.  But don’t throw in the towel just yet; Torklift Central will be holding seminars at the 2014 Seattle RV Show that demonstrate the proper way to dinghy tow.

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that not just any vehicle is certified to be towed dinghy-style (on all four wheels with a towbar).  For those that are, adhering to the auto’s required towing procedures will help address issues such as:
Different cars and SUV’s require model-specific setups to protect their transmissions from damage during dinghy towing.  For example, some automatic transmission vehicles need to be towed with their transmissions in “Park” with the transfer cases in “Neutral.”  Others recommend making frequent stops to run the engine and lubricate the transmission.
Torklift Central Solution:  Remco Driveline Disconnect, Transmission Lube Pump, Tow Dolly
Nearly every state requires that most vehicles being flat-towed be outfitted with auxiliary brake systems that aid the brakes of an RV.  And let’s face it – even in states that don’t require auxiliary brakes, it’s always a good idea to have them installed for safety. 
Torklift Central Solution:  Brake Master, Road Master Even Brake, Road Master, SMI Stay-In-Play Duo
These dinghy towing essentials are just a snapshot of what Torklift Central will be teaching at the 2014 Seattle RV Show – February 6-9 at Century Link Field Event Center.  We’ll be providing free education on everything from choosing the right towbar for your ride to fuse bypass systems and automatic battery disconnects. 
If any of that sounds complicated, or if you’d just like to win some free swag, don’t miss us in Room B at 2:00pm each day of the Seattle RV Show. 
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