The United States Department of Defense is experimenting with a lightweight hybrid replacement for the trusty AM General Humvee.  As proud North Westerners, Torklift Central is happy to hear this Ultra Light Vehicle (ULV) prototype is powered by a Subaru turbodiesel that churns out 175hp and 260lb-ft of torque.  To help the Subie power plant get all 13,916 pounds of the ULV moving, two Remy electric motors combine to add another 369 peak horsepower and 1,221 peak fit-lbs. of torque.  

Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the dual Remy motors allow the ULV to travel 21 miles on electric power alone, and up to a combined range of 337 miles at a determined 35mph. 
Most importantly, the ULV is Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP), meaning it should help protect our troops better than any refurbishments to the outgoing Humvee ever could.
The ULV is a long way from seeing real-world Military use, but if it passes ballistic and explosive testing it will move on the next phase of development.     
Should the ULV eventually see production it will definitely be added to Torklift Central’s wish list of Eco-vehicles we’d love to engineer a free Ecohitchfor.  We take pride in manufacturing and purchasing all of our products from within the United States.  
If anyone at the Department of Defense can spare the ULV for an afternoon, our engineers would be happy to help make it an Eco-friendly tow-beast!