If it’s worth stealing it’s worth locking up.  Unfortunately for nearly a dozen folks in York County Pennsylvania, their RV and marine batteries were left to the mercy of opportunistic thieves.  By cutting the battery cables, the criminals were able to make off with batteries valued from $100-$200 without much trouble.  Fortunately, thefts of this nature can be easily avoided with an easy solution. 

To guard against the increasingly common and expensive issue of battery theft, Torklift Centralcarries the PowerArmor.  Engineered by Torklift International to house and protect Group 24 and Group 27 12-volt batteries, or 6-volt T105 and SC2 golf cart batteries, PowerArmor utilizes a unique lockable design to keep your batteries safe and secure.
When nestled securely in a PowerArmor lock-box, your batteries are still able to power your vehicle or camper via electrical cables that pass through an access hole in the sidewall of the container.  A built-in ventilation system keeps the batteries at safe operating temperature at all times.
Even if you don’t have an external battery you’d like to protect, PowerArmor can lock up pretty much any other valuable that will fit within its walls.  From tools and camping gear to personal information and hunting paraphernalia, PowerArmor keeps your goods where they belong: with you.  
Every PowerArmor comes with Torklift International’s Legendary Lifetime Warranty and is made entirely in the USA. 

Don’t worry about whether your important and expensive possessions are vulnerable to thieves.  Get Out and GO on your next journey with PowerArmor.