As summer winds down the NFL season is just getting started.  For many tailgaters, being able to keep their rig’s power supply secure and functional all season long is essential to rooting their team on to victory. 

Torklift International manufacturers a series of products that keep your auxiliary power sources and valuables safe from theft and tampering - no matter where you set up camp.  You can find them all at Torklift Central:

Allows tanks to be securely locked when mounted to trailers, towables and RVs

Propane grills are perfect for cooking at the game.  Fortress GasLock keeps your propane tanks securely locked when mounted to trailers, towables and RV’s.  Designed with high impact military grade aluminum, it is the only lock available for propane tanks in the industry.

Fortress GasLock assembly

Add additional batteries under your truck bed
*Actual product color is black; shown in yellow for contrast

 Easy no drill installation - hidden when not in use 

HiddenPower is a completely hidden under vehicle battery mount that quickly attaches to your vehicle’s frame – no drilling is required.  Tied in to your rig’s electrical charging system, HiddenPower charges your auxiliary battery whenever your vehicle batteries recharge. Keep your extra batteries hidden and ready for game day with little to no maintenance. 

 (Actual product color is black; shown in yellow for contrast)
ExtendedPower is a universal mount for extra RV batteries designed to attach to any receiver extension, such as the SuperTruss from Torklift International.  The ExtendedPower battery system can be plugged directly into your factory RV plug on the back of your truck to receive an automatic charge from the vehicle’s factory charging system.
Shown with two ExtendedPowers*

*Actual product color is black; shown in yellow for contrast

Easy to lock and unlock with a snap lock design

If you’re the kind of tailgater that prefers to hit up the stadium with your truck camper in tow, FastGun Locks will keep your turnbuckles safe from tampering.  Designed to complement the FastGun Derringer Handle and AnchorGuard Derringer turnbuckles, FastGun Locks help keep your truck camper secure.

FastGun locks feature a snap lock design, have automotive quality plating and come with weather caps to prevent weather damage and road grime.

Works with all the FastGun series

To learn more how Torklift Central can help you Get Out and Go Tailgating this football season, contact us or give us a call at 877-373-9195.