No matter what the load, there are a number of important steps to take before you get on the road with a trailer or towable.  At Torklift Central we specialize in complete tow system setups for any rig.

The following are the most important things you need to know before towing:

1.  Know your vehicle’s tow weight ratings

Knowing and staying safely within your vehicle’s tow weight ratings should always be the first step you take before hauling any load.  Check your owner’s manual, contact Torklift Central, or check your vehicle’s tow ratings in our towing app

Keep in mind there are different weights listed by your trailer manufacturer.  Make sure any travel trailer you tow with is safely within your towing capacities when the trailer is fully loaded with everything you plan on hauling. 

The weight of cargo such as propane tanks, batteries, water and sewage can add up quickly, and that’s before you bring all of your personal belongings on board.

Never exceed your Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR).

GVWR is your vehicle’s maximum weight limit including passengers and payload set by the manufacturer. If you overload your vehicle beyond its factory assigned weight limit capacity or GVWR, not only is it dangerous and illegal; it causes negative side effects on your truck and its handling characteristics.

2. Your vehicle’s tow weight ratings can’t be increased

Once you know your vehicle’s tow weight ratings, it’s important to understand that no accessory or aftermarket upgrade will legally change your official towing capacities.  Your vehicle will always be rated to tow what the manufacturer listed it for, regardless of any custom work you perform. 

3. Aftermarket accessories help with safety and comfort

Although you can’t increase your vehicle’s tow weight ratings,  there are aftermarket accessories that help enable your vehicle to safely and comfortably handle the added weight of a trailer. 

It’s a common misconception that many pickup trucks and SUV’s are able to haul significant loads straight from the factory without any modification.

It is important to make sure your suspension is stable.  We recommend the StableLoad suspension stabilizer from Torklift International to reduce and eliminate sag, side-to-side sway and body roll, and improves safety and handling. 

Weight distribution systems, braking systems and many other products also help with safety and comfort while towing.

4. Have your wheel bearings repacked annually

If you’ve ever seen a trailer broken down on the side of the road, odds are the bearings went bad due to lack of simple preventative maintenance.  Bearing failure is the number one cause of trailer breakdown, yet one of the easiest and most affordable to prevent.

To do their job, wheel bearings need plenty of fresh grease to make sure their inner components maintain a proper level of friction.  This avoids excessive heat being generated that can lead to breakdowns.   

A bearing repack service is the number one preventative maintenance your trailer needs at least once per year. 

There is a lot to learn about proper towing.  A simple phone call, email or visit to Torklift Central will get you all the answers you need without any of the guesswork.  Whether you’re already hauling or just looking into it, no issue is too large or small for us to handle. 

We are happy to hear from you.  Contact us to book an appointment today. 

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