In need of boat trailer welding and boat trailer repair? 

For as much fun as you have on the water with your boat, it’s that same water that makes your boat trailer unsafe for travel faster than anything else.  Boat trailer welding and boat trailer repair are necessary to avoid breakdowns and accidents that can occur due to lack of regular boat trailer maintenance.

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Here are the boat trailer welding and boat trailer repair tips you need to know before you Get Out And Go Boating: 

Tip # 1:  Rust never sleeps – don’t let it grow

Boat trailer rust should be repaired immediately. 

 A thorough safety inspection should always be performed on your boat trailer before taking it on the road.  If identified early enough, areas of rust can be sanded down, painted and made like new again.  However, rusted components that are allowed to spread for too long need to be welded or replaced entirely. 

Boat trailer frame repair is always necessary for frames and trailer chassis that show signs of fracture points, cracks, tears or rust that threaten the trailer’s structural integrity.  Pay close attention to joints, fasteners and welds during your inspection as they can be especially prone to corrosion.

Boat trailer rust prevention is its own reward.

The best method of boat trailer rust prevention is to keep your trailer clean and dry as much as possible.  Doing so is especially important if your boat trailer is used in saltwater or polluted water. 

After each use be sure to wash off your trailer before leaving the boat ramp if possible or at the nearest car wash.  Aside from corrosion caused by salt water, mud that cakes on your boat trailer can also create a seal where rust can grow.  Keeping your boat trailer shiny isn’t just for show – it helps prevent corrosion. 

Between uses, your boat trailer should be kept as dry as possible in a well-ventilated area.  If you use a boat cover, make sure there is adequate air circulation beneath it and that it does not droop on the ground where water can pool. 

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Tip #2: Bearing failure is your worst enemy

Trailer wheel bearing failure can cause your wheel to seize and come off completely

Bearing failure is the number one cause of trailer breakdown for any type of trailer. The problem worsens with boat trailers.  When you arrive at a boat launch, allow your boat trailer wheel bearings to cool before backing into the water.  Rapid cooling in water causes hot bearings to soak up water which can lead to rust and corrosion.

A trailer wheel bearing repack should be performed at least annually.  Always perform a wheel bearing repack service on your boat trailer before returning it to extended periods of storage.  This removes moisture that is left in the bearings after being dunked in water to prevent rust and corrosion in the wheel bearing housing.

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Tip #3:  Electricity and water don’t mix

Boat trailer wiring and lighting systems can be tricky.

For non-waterproof boat lights, try to avoid dunking them in water if possible.  It helps to have such lights mounted in a place where they are easily removed before launching.  If you can’t avoid submersing non-waterproof lights, unplug them from the tow vehicle and allow them to cool beforehand so they won’t break from the sudden temperature change. 

Avoid dunking the wiring connector that attaches your boat trailer to your tow vehicle if possible.  All of your boat trailer wiring should be secured to the trailer.  Any wires that are cracked or frayed should be replaced and checked for functionality before travel.  

Learn more about boat trailer wiring repair here.

Boat trailer safety begins with an inspection.  Learn more about how boat trailer welding and boat trailer repair can help you Get Out And Go Your Way at our Trailer Center.

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