Camping cargo trays make life easier

Travel season is upon us and now is the time to Get Out And Go camping.  You don’t have to be an experienced woodsman to enjoy the elements around a campsite, but getting all your stuff there is often a challenge. 

For anyone with a vehicle that could use a little extra room for the necessities of a camping trip, Torklift Central has the perfect solution:

Cargo Trays

Cargo trays available at Torklift Central do wonders for helping any camping trip go smoother in a number of ways.  Here’s how:


Plastic storage containers: organizational genius

Extra vehicle storage thanks to a cargo tray

The cargo tray’s best friend is the plastic storage container.  There is no better way to maximize the storage space potential of a cargo tray than with one of these ingeniously bland plastic storage bins. 

Plastic storage containers are perfect for holding just about anything you can fit inside them.  They’re a little bit like a timeout pen for anything and everything you don’t want inside your car.  They are resistant to the elements and perfect for an easy “throw it all together” storage method for a number of items that would otherwise create a layering of clutter inside your vehicle. 

Things that are dirty and smell bad

Camping storage keeps bad smells out

Aside from people, camping generates a number of smelly items that are best left outside your vehicle.  Imagine the improvement in the aroma of your car’s interior when you strap these stinky items to a cargo tray:

  • Dirty laundry
  • Fresh caught fish/hunted animals
  • Garbage
  • Greasy and charred cooking grills
  • Soiled cleaning supplies


A cargo tray can handle your cooler and camping gear

These beasts of burden are one of the most necessary items you need on a camping trip.  They also consume more space that just about anything else you haul.  Making matters worse, they can leak and dirty up your car after sitting outdoors on the ground. 

Strapping them to your cargo tray frees up a significant amount of interior space and keeps dirt and debris outside where they belong. 

And there you have it.  Cargo trays make you a happy camper. 

Visit Torklift Central today to see how we can help you Get Out And Go camping your way.

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