Drilling and cutting into your car should be reserved for emergencies

You wouldn’t drill into the roof of your car or its frame if you didn’t have to.  We have good news:  when it comes to trailer hitches and bicycle racks you don’t have to. 

Our hidden EcoHitch is a 100 percent no-drill trailer hitch.  Folks who install it are able to avoid drilling holes into the roof of their vehicle that are often necessary to mount aftermarket roof rails to hold a variety of rack accessories.

Here is how our no-drill trailer hitch and hitch-mounted racks can help you Get Out and Go without punching holes in your favorite ride:

EcoHitch for 2015 Subaru WRX

EcoHitch is a 100 percent bolt-on trailer hitch.  Our engineers manufactured it to bolt into preexisting holes in your vehicle’s frame.  They also take care to ensure EcoHitch integrates into the structural integrity of your vehicle, does not negatively impact your ground clearance and complements your underbody airflow and aerodynamics.

Aftermarket roof-rail systems often require that you drill into the roof of your vehicle, permanently altering it.  This poses the risk of paint chipping, water leakage and your vehicle’s resale value.  Worse still, any accessory that you mount atop your vehicle reduces your fuel economy by negatively impacting your aerodynamics.  Roof-rail mounted accessories also have a notorious tendency to whistle annoyingly and make loading and unloading your gear a major strain on your back.

Another benefit of EcoHitch is that as a no-drill trailer hitch, our trailer hitch installation is designed to be as non-obtrusive and simplistic as possible.  Many EcoHitch customers prefer to install EcoHitch themselves, as the process only requires a basic set of tools and technical know-how.

Torklift Central also offers a nation-wide network of Certified EcoHitch Installers should you prefer to let the pros handle it.  We are happy to personally locate a quality installation facility in your area that is most convenient to your location. 

Find EcoHitch for your vehicle at Torklift Central

 Don’t drill into your baby! 

Take a look at our no-drill EcoHitch for your vehicle today and see how our complete line of bicycle racks and cargo carriers can help you Get Out And Go your way.

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