Torklift International’s GlowStep is designed to serve as the ultimate step system for your truck camper and travel trailer.  If your RV’s current step gives you cause for concern by flexing, bouncing or feeling just plain unstable, take a look at the GlowStep difference.

Here is what makes GlowStep unique:

GlowStep is the ultimate RV scissor step

Torklift’s engineers designed the GlowStep RV step system to do what other steps don’t, and then some.  A number of factory and aftermarket RV steps have one basic flaw; they don’t create a secure connection point between your RV and the ground. 

Factory steps hang off of your RV creating a diving board experience – when you stand on them they bounce up and down and flex side-to side.  This unnecessary movement can cause you to lose your footing and fall, leading to serious injury.  It also shakes your entire RV every time someone enters or exits the vehicle. 

GlowStep is designed to form a secure connection from your RV to the ground that is as stable and secure as a set of steps you would expect to find in your home.  Made of 100 percent aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel, GlowStep mounts directly to your RV with a sturdy mounting bracket.

GlowStep is a no-bounce RV step system

Available in two to six step configurations, GlowStep extends down to the ground from your RV to create a firm connection that avoids the flex and bouncing of steps designed to hang off the side of your RV.  Walking on GlowStep does not jostle your RV, keeping your friends, family and supplies undisturbed.  

For a sure footing, GlowStep is lined with SureGrip™ step tread to make sure you have a grip tread to walk on no matter what the condition.  GlowStep is illuminated to guide your path in the dark.  GlowStep glows in the dark for up to ten hours after only five minutes of light exposure.  You might need a flashlight to guide your way after you leave your RV, but you won’t need one to travel up and down with the GlowStep.

GlowStep is a glow in the dark RV step system

With step configurations that are rated to securely handle up to 375 pounds with a GlowGuide, you can rest assured that entering and exiting your RV is not a safety hazard at any time of the day or night.  When not in use, GlowStep folds up and stores conveniently until you are ready to setup camp again. 

If you’ve ever felt your RV step system is unstable, difficult to walk on or an accident waiting to happen, take a look at GlowStep and our complete line of GlowStep accessories here.

  • Self illuminating steps - no batteries
  • Safely enter and exit your RV after dark
  • SureGrip™ step tread - no grip tape
  • Stores in position
  • Lockable
  • Exclusive: adjusts to basement model campers
  • 100% aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel
  • Stainless bolted hinges allow for easy step addition or removal
  • Legendary Lifetime Warranty
  • Proudly made in the USA

Learn more about our GlowStep accessories:

GlowGuide Handrail
Basement Camper Step
GlowStep Locks

You deserve an RV step system that keeps you safe.  Contact Torklift Central today to find the perfect GlowStep application for your rig.

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