There are a number of truck camper products on the market that promise to offer the best method of installing a camper on a truck.  When the rubber meets the road, there is a right way and a wrong way to outfit your truck to haul a camper.  

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Here are a few of Torklift International’s truck camper products to help you Get Out And Go truck camper hauling the right way:

Frame-mounted tie downs 

Damage caused by a bed-mounted tie down

Other truck camper tie downs mount to the bed and bumper of your truck.  The problem with this setup is that your truck’s bed is meant to flex when hauling a load, much like the cab of your truck does to improve ride quality.  The weight of a truck camper that is attached to your bed and bumper causes flexing that transfers to unnatural torqueing on your truck’s bed. 

This process can cause fractures in your truck’s bed that can cause significant and costly damage to your vehicle and badly warp your truck’s bumper. 

Torklift True Frame Mounted Tie Down

Torklift truck camper tie downs mount directly to your truck’s frame.  This ensures the strongest anchor points for your truck camper possible by integrating the tie downs into the structural integrity of your vehicle versus simply attaching onto the bed and bumper.

See how our frame-mounted tie downs are installed here:

Spring-loaded turnbuckles

Standard turnbuckle

Truck camper turnbuckles that do not feature a spring-loaded connection point are unable to properly dampen the pulling tension that exists between your truck camper and tie downs.

Think of it this way, if your truck didn’t have a suspension to dampen the ride as you go down the road; imagine the jarring ride quality that you would experience.

FastGun is available in four finishes

The same thing happens with turnbuckles that are not spring-loaded.  The jarring that occurs on these turnbuckles during travel can severely damage your truck camper anchor points, your tie downs and cause complete turnbuckle failure.

All Torklift turnbuckles either feature a fully integrated spring-loaded design or are able to be outfitted with Torklift’s Basic SpringLoad to properly dampen the connection point between our turnbuckles, tie downs and your camper. 

The Torklift FastGun series is the world’s best-selling quick-disconnect turnbuckle in large part for it’s fully spring-loaded design.  Once proper spring-tension is set with the spring-tension indicator, FastGun’s interior spring load ensures your truck camper will not jar unnaturally on your truck and it’s camper anchor points during travel.

See how our turnbuckles are installed and adjusted here:

Suspension stabilizers that do more than level your ride

StableLoad Quick-Disconnect disengaged

Just because your fully loaded truck camper is within the payload capacity of your pickup truck does not guarantee that your truck will handle safely while hauling it.  Many people assume that any suspension upgrade that levels their truck’s ride while hauling a truck camper is also stabilizing their ride quality.  In reality, suspension-leveling products such as airbag systems can actually worsen your ride stability in the process of leveling it.

While airbags do a great job of leveling your truck, they also reduce the amount of weight that is distributed through your truck’s suspension, placing more of the weight directly over the airbags.  This causes increased waffling and side-to-side sway as the airbags compress and slump under the weight of the truck camper during travel.

See people’s reaction to the difference StableLoad makes here:

Torklift International’s StableLoad enables your truck’s factory suspension to operate at its maximum stability as the factory engineers intended.  By preloading your overload leaf springs, StableLoad doesn’t just level your ride; it also drastically reduces up and down bouncing, side-to-side sway and body roll.

Don’t be fooled by truck camper products that make promises they can’t live up to.  Visit Torklift Central today to see why we are the only resource you need to Get Out And Go truck camper hauling your way.

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