If you’re going to be the hippest bicyclist on the trail this travel season there are a number of cyclist slang terms that are important to know and weave into your conversations.  As trailer hitch hipsters ourselves, we’ve taken the liberty to compare bicyclist lingo with trailer hitch lingo for your reference and entertainment.

These are five bicyclist and EcoHitch slang terms you need to know:

Kool-Aid Man"Bust"

v. A term used in the same fashion as the verb "to do" only with more emphasis. 
Cyclist example:  "He busted a huge air over that jump."
Our hidden trailer hitch is compatible with these vehicles and many more
EcoHitch example:  Torklift Central is busting out new EcoHitches every week with a lineup that is growing with no end in sight.  Just take a look at all the cars on their EcoHitch finder!


Bike after a corndog
v. To become covered in muck, usually after a fall.
Biker example:  “He bit a huge corndog when he hit that rock!”
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EcoHitch example:  “A trailer hitch is bound to get corn-dogged on the reg by roadway debris and the rigors of everyday use.  Luckily every EcoHitch is carefully prepped by sandblasting and ECO washed then finished to perfection with a high-impact powder coat and backed by Torklift Central’s Lifetime Warranty.” 

"Dialed in"

2015 Volkswagen Golf EcoHitch with Bike Rack
adj. When a bike is set up nicely and everything works just right.  
Cyclist example:  “Learn how to get your bike dialed, bro!”

EcoHitch example:  “My EcoHitch is so dialed in!  It bolts directly into preexisting holes in my vehicle’s frame and integrates into the structural integrity of the car – how gnarly is that?”


n. A person who spends a lot of money on his bike and clothing, but still can't ride. 
Cyclist example:  "What a Fred -- too much bling and not enough skill.”
EcoHitch for BMW X3
EcoHitch example:  Don’t be a Fred and blow your money on a factory trailer hitch.  EcoHitch is everything you need from an aftermarket trailer hitch at a fraction of the cost. 


n. Cool little add-ons or upgrades, usually made of titanium or aluminum. 
Cyclist example:  "That's the fourth time this week that Tom's gone by the shop to gawk at giblets."
EcoHitch example:  “Have you seen all the cool giblets EcoHitch has?  They’ve got removable receiver adapters, HitchCloak and Subaru applications that are totally concealed behind the fog light knockout panel!”
And there you have it – five bicyclist and EcoHitch slang terms to help you be the hippest person on the road and bike trail this year!  
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